Top 10 Best Makita Angle Grinders

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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Makita Angle Grinders Available Today
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2. Makita Angle Grinder

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I use it for all house projects. Very good Angle Grinder, highly recommended. This Angle Grinder makes things go a lot quicker. Its many features are worth the price alone. Good quality pAngle Grinder and has worked well so far.

The fact is that the Makita 9557PBX1 Angle Grinder B0010DHFTK was the Makita Angle Grinders that we ranked the highest. That doesn't mean there aren't a handful of other fantastic options when it comes to Makita Angle Grinders. We have a breakdown of them here.

Next on our list is built by Makita which is a very credible tool supplier. Makita's Angle Grinders are great as well. I was eager to try out the model and I was not let down!

This Angle Grinder is merely $189.34. That is a fantastic deal for a high quality Angle Grinder like the by Makita. If you uncertain about our number one selection, I'd consider the Makita next. It's a top quality tool at a terrific price.

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Makita Features

Makita built produces 50% faster grinding with an impressive 10, 000 rpm

More compact design at only 12-1 2" long and weighs only 5. 6 lbs. For less operator fatigue

Ergonomic shape fits like a glove with even pressure and easy control

Aside from the option we researched above, I would have a look at the Makita XAG04Z and the GA9020 by Makita. Both these tool manufactures are considered a couple of the leading producers of superior Angle Grinders. Both tools are highly rated as well. Genuine customers gave the XAG04Z an average score of 4.8/5 stars. You can compare that to the GA9020 which holds an average score of 4.7/5 stars.

The XAG04Z by Makita gives several truly choice features such as Automatic speed change technology adjusts speed and torque during operation for optimum performance. The Makita GA9020 although, is hard to beat featuring 15.0 AMP motor delivers more output for increased performance plus 6,000 RPM for fast material removal.

Both of these couple tools make an exceptional option for someone whose shopping for Makita Angle Grinders
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3. Makita XAG04Z Angle Grinder

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I changed my rating from four to five stars after I used it. Perfect with any cutting disc or grinding disc. Its many features are worth the price alone. I would definitely purchase this Angle Grinder again. Best Angle Grinder you can possibly buy in its class.

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4. Makita GA9020 Angle Grinder

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Definitely worth the money over the cheap ones. The Makita GA9020 operates well as far as I can tell. This is a good tool and an excellent item. I have used it several times and it is powerful. I found the guard easy to adjust.

Honorable Mentions

If you are thinking that the Makita Angle Grinders above fail to do it for you, we rated several alternative selections that may likely fit you better. We identified several terrific Angle Grinders throughout our analysis. Using detailed analysis and testing, the tools above are our preferred Angle Grinders. That doesn't mean there aren't several additional terrific Makita Angle Grinders.

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5. Makita GA4030K Angle Grinder

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It is portable, so I can use it on some tight places. The Makita GA4030K is a very high quality tool. Strongest Angle Grinder Makita has to offer. It provides more than enough power for my needs. It is easy to hang and cuts really well.

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6. Makita 9557PB Angle Grinder

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I have used it several times and it is powerful. Best Angle Grinder you can possibly buy in its class. Really nice Angle Grinder definitely would recommend. It has plenty of torque and power at all speeds. For cutting and grinding, its perfect.

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7. Makita XAG09Z Angle Grinder

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All the grinders we use at my shop are now Makita. After just one use, I'd say this Angle Grinder fits the bill. Now this is a real tool that does a great job. I've been using it a lot and I love it. Nice model with lots of power and surface area.

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8. Makita 9565CV Angle Grinder

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I had no idea it was going to be this powerful. Strongest Angle Grinder Makita has to offer. Strongest Angle Grinder Makita has to offer. It provides more than enough power for my needs. I have not had a single issue with power at all.

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9. Makita 9564CV Angle Grinder

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Another solid tool for my Makita collection. This allows more amps to flow at a faster rate. I have been extremely pleased with this Angle Grinder's power. I'm pleased with it after several hours of use. Used it for around 20 hours in the first week.

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10. Makita XAG03Z Angle Grinder

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So far I have been very happy with this set up. I use it for all house projects. The high quality Angle Grinder is second to none. This is the latest in my Makita items. I also like the warranty this brand offers!