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2. K-T Industries 1-1632 Arc Welder

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The amperage markings go by every twenty amps. Great addition to the the shop. The amperage markings go by every twenty amps. The amperage markings go by every twenty amps. K-T Industries has produced a Arc Welder which to my mind has met all of my needs.

The K-T Industries 1-1132 Arc Welder B000A7QJ26 was undoubtedly our favorite K-T Industries Arc Welders. That doesn't mean there aren't a number of other fantastic alternatives when it comes down to K-T Industries Arc Welders. We have the best of them in this article.

K-T Industries is yet another leading maker of Arc Welders. They make the tool next up on our rundown. K-T Industries's Arc Welders are one of their leading products. It was terrific to test the 1-1632. I was very satisfied with this tool!

This Arc Welder is merely $113.29. That is a fantastic deal for a quality Arc Welder like the 1-1632 by K-T Industries. If you unsure about our number one pick, I'd consider the K-T Industries 1-1632 next. It's a high quality tool at a good price.

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K-T Industries 1-1632 Features

AWS 7018 electrode AC

AC welding

Used for pressure vessels, cold rolled steels and structural steel

90-165 amps