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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Craftsman Belt Sanders Available Today
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2. Craftsman 00939595000P Belt Sander

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This sander cranked on like smooth and worked wonderful. For the price, all things considered, this is a good value. All the others died completely after about a floor and a half. I burnt up and old Craftsman, and needed to replace it quick. Tracking needs adjusting more frequently than I would like.

The Craftsman CMEW213 was really our favorite Craftsman Belt Sanders. That being said, there are a number of other fantastic selections when it comes to Craftsman Belt Sanders. We have a breakdown of them here.

The next in our tool break down is made by Craftsman which is a very trusted tool brand. Craftsman's Belt Sanders are also top quality. It was great to check out the 00939595000P. I was very pleased with this tool!

The Craftsman 00939595000P Belt Sander, at $93.00 is an especially great Belt Sander for the money. The Craftsman 00939595000P is definitely a sound option. Of you are uncertain about our number one selection, I'd advise to pick this Belt Sander.

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