Top 8 Best Benchtop Drill Presses Under $400

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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Benchtop Drill Presses Under $400 Available Today
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2. Eurotool DRL-300.00 Benchtop Drill Press

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I use this in my wood shop and love it. That's why I gave it five stars. I really like this drill press for the money. Easy assembly and went right to work. The cord is nice shop-quality and is grounded.

The Sona Enterprises 97511MDP Straight Grinder B0040YJTTU was really our preferred Benchtop Drill Presses Under $400. That being said, there are a handful of other fantastic options when it comes to Benchtop Drill Presses Under $400. We have a breakdown of them here.

The next in our tool break down is built by Eurotool which is a very respectable tool manufacturer. Eurotool's Benchtop Drill Presses are also top quality. I was excited to try the model DRL-300.00 and I was not disappointed!

The Eurotool DRL-300.00 Benchtop Drill Press, at $101.61 is an especially great Benchtop Drill Press for the price. If you uncertain about our top selection, I'd check out the Eurotool DRL-300.00 next. It's a first class tool at a terrific price.

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Eurotool DRL-300.00 Features

Ideal for all drilling projects, not just the small ones

1-year manufacturer warranty

Variable speed up to 8,500 RPM

Measures 6-3/4 inches by 6-3/4 inches; 13.00 pounds

Easy-to-use tiny benchtop drill press is space-saving and economical

The Shop Fox W1669 and the Proxxon 38128 are worth a look as well. Both Shop Fox and Proxxon are famous for their top quality Benchtop Drill Presses. both of these distinct selections enjoy terrific user reviews also. Customers awarded the W1669 an rating on average of 3.7/5 stars. You can compare that to the 38128 which holds an average rating of 4.0/5 stars.

The Shop Fox W1669 provides some truly choice features such as Motor: 1/2 HP, 110V, 5A. The 38128 by Proxxon by comparison, is tough to beat featuring Quiet, precise and vibration-free for fatigue free use plus Low weight and slim design, without ever compromising performance.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend either of these Benchtop Drill Presses Under $400
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3. Shop Fox W1669 Benchtop Drill Press

  • (60 Points)

This is a lot of tool for the money. Easy assembly for anyone with basic skills. This is a high precision piece of equipment. The smooth lever is a nice touch and well made. I had my doubts about this purchase, but wow was I proven wrong.

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4. Proxxon 38128 Benchtop Drill Press

  • (57 Points)

I think its a great buy for the money. It was easy to assemble and everything fits well. Heavy-duty drill that was easy to put together. Product was totally fine when it arrived. The cord is nice shop-quality and is grounded.

Honorable Mentions

If you are thinking that the Benchtop Drill Presses Under $400 we rated above fail to meet your needs, here are a few other selections that might better match your needs. There really are a lot of excellent tools out there to pick from. The Benchtop Drill Presses we graded above are our favorites. That being said, these Benchtop Drill Presses below offer some special characteristics on top of the fact that they are all premium Benchtop Drill Presses Under $400.

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5. SHZICMY Benchtop Drill Press

  • (10 Points)

Great Benchtop Drill Press for the money. The price was also very reasonable. It's done everything I've asked of it thus far. This is an excellent machine at this price range. I really like this drill press for the money.

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6. Weiss Tool Distributors W50005 Benchtop Drill Press

  • (3 Points)

The whole unit shakes more than I would like. Once the threads finally grabbed, it was easy. At the price, it paid for itself in just a few uses. The smooth lever is a nice touch and well made. The table is adequate and easy to adjust.

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7. Gdrasuya10 1 Benchtop Drill Press

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The cord is nice shop-quality and is grounded. This is a lot of tool for the money. Thank you Gdrasuya10 for the awesome drill. This Benchtop Drill Press does heavy work effortlessly. Fit and finish were great.

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8. Klutch 2705S062 Benchtop Drill Press

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Shipped super fast and packaged super well. Assembly was very straightforward and uneventful. I am very happy with this Benchtop Drill Press. This is my Klutch Benchtop Drill Press. Can't complain for the price I paid.