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2. AUTOJARE YJ5202 Chainsaw

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It is faster than a gas saw for this. You will be sitting there forever sawing. Used on a tree that fell in my yard. This is a well-built Heavy Duty corded chainsaw. It starts after a pull or two every time.

The fact is that the AUTOJARE YJ5201 was the AUTOJARE Chainsaws that we graded at the top. That being said, there are a few other superb alternatives when it comes to AUTOJARE Chainsaws. We have them for you here.

AUTOJARE is another major producer of Chainsaws. They produce the tool that is next on our lineup. AUTOJARE's Chainsaws are also top quality. It was fantastic to try the YJ5202. I was very satisfied using this tool!

The model YJ5202 Chainsaw by AUTOJARE, at $95.99 is an especially exceptional Chainsaw for the money. The AUTOJARE YJ5202 is really a sound option. Of you are unsure about our number one pick, I would opt for this Chainsaw.

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AUTOJARE YJ5202 Features

AUTOJARE Gas Chainsaw YJ5202----Engine displacement: 52cc ; Engine tpye: single cylinder, air cooler, 2-stroke

Maximum cutting length guide bar size: 20"

Fuel mixture ratio: 25:1(90#gasoline:2-cycle oil)

The gas chainsaw chain saw will make tasks like tree pruning, clearing land, preparing firewood or cleaning up after a storm easier .

This chainsaw is great for homeowners who want a chainsaw for light wood-cutting chores. starts easily.

AUTOJARE 52cc 20

3. AUTOJARE 52cc 20" Chainsaw

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Cut for hours on an old white oak tree. The chain itself was beginning to wear a bit. But see above-can't give 10 year review on this. No problems with power, or stalling. Starts very quickly usually after 2 pulls.