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2. Earthwise CS33016 Chainsaw

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It went though them all rather easily. With that there are always compromises. I found the starting instructions superfluous. I filled the bar oil, and it sat overnight. Both Saws a NOT TO CUT YOUR FIREWOOD!

The Earthwise CVPS43010 was undoubtedly our favorite Earthwise Chainsaws. That being said, there are a few other fantastic options when it comes down to Earthwise Chainsaws. We have them for you here.

Earthwise is an additional major manufacturer of Chainsaws. They produce the tool next on our rundown. Earthwise's Chainsaws are no exception. I was eager to have a go at the model CS33016 and I was not disappointed!

This Chainsaw is just $92.58. That is a fantastic deal for a high quality Chainsaw like the CS33016 by Earthwise. If you not sure about our top choice, I'd look into the Earthwise CS33016 next. It's a top quality tool at a terrific price.

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Earthwise CS33016 Features

Powerful 12-Amp motor delivers power and performance similar to gas-powered chainsaws

16" Oregon bar and chain for a fast, clean cut; Corded electric chainsaw includes protective bar and chain cover included safe storage

Corded electric chainsaw features automatic oiling system with oil level window and tool-free tensioner adjustment

Rubber over molded grip with big loop assist handle for comfort during use; Requires no gas or oil, resulting in no fumes and no mess

Take the hassle out of fall clean-up around the house and yard with this corded electric chainsaw

Aside from the tools we researched above, I would take a look at the LCS32010 by Earthwise and the CS31014 by Earthwise. Both Earthwise and Earthwise are regarded as two of the premier suppliers of superior Chainsaws. Both of these two options are rated highly also. The LCS32010 boasts a user rating of 3.7/5 as compared to 3.8/5 star rating received by the Earthwise CS31014.

The LCS32010 by Earthwise provides a few truly choice features like 10″ Oregon bar & chain with cover. The CS31014 by Earthwise although, is very competitive featuring Lightweight and powerful, easy to operate, push button start and even Rubber molded handle grip/cord retention hook.

I can easily suggest both of these Earthwise Chainsaws
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3. Earthwise LCS32010 Chainsaw

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Hard 1st start, but great after that. And, it starts each time without issues. This is when I realized I had messed up. This saw seems to have a lot going for it. I press the button, pull the trigger and it goes.

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4. Earthwise CS31014 Chainsaw

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5 amp battery died and a new replacement 2. When used correctly, it seems pretty unstoppable. Even when fully extended the pole isn't flimsy. Without it things will get clogged quickly! The first job was a trash palm tree.

Honorable Mentions

If the Earthwise Chainsaws we rated above don't meet your needs, we have a few other choices that may better match your needs. We found quite a few terrific Chainsaws during the course of our research. The Chainsaws we ranked above are the best we could find. That being said, the Chainsaws listed below offer several distinct features and are all top ranked Earthwise Chainsaws.

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5. Earthwise LCS34014 Chainsaw

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It is faster than a gas saw for this. This is my third Earthwise purchase. My two other new chain saws do the same thing. I simply unlocked it and it continued cutting. So far absolutely no complaints Great product.