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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated WORX Chainsaws Available Today
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2. WORX WG3041 Chainsaw

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No gasoline storage issues, no smells. I will add some pictures when cutting big wood. Also unwieldy when trying to thin out scrub oak. Chain is easy to put on and tighten. You must use Motor oil, not chain oil.

The truth is that the WORX WG303.1 was the WORX Chainsaws that we ranked the highest. Even so, there were a range of other very high quality WORX Chainsaws worth showcasing here that just barely missed the mark.

WORX is another top producer of Chainsaws. They produce the tool next up on our rundown. WORX's Chainsaws are also top quality. I was excited to try the model WG3041 and I was not disappointed!

The model WG3041 Chainsaw by WORX, at $84.37 is a particularly excellent Chainsaw for the money. If you uncertain about our number one choice, I'd consider the WORX WG3041 next. It's a high quality tool at a good price.

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WORX WG3041 Features

15.0 Amp motor output delivers a more powerful cutting performance to the extended, 18 inch bar

Patented auto tension chain system prevents over tightening; stays at the right tension for hundreds of uses

Low kickback bar and built in chain brake for added safety; Chain Links : 63

Automatic oil lubrication and built in oil reservoir with window level indicator. Oil Tank Capacity : 200 milliliter

Comes fully assembled right out of the box, and includes 3 year manufacturer’s warranty

Note: Please refer user manual below for better use which is highly recommended

Apart from the selections we researched above, I would evaluate the WORX WG308 and the WORX WG309. Both WORX and WORX are thought to be some of the top suppliers of premium Chainsaws. both of these distinct options enjoy fantastic customer reviews as well. Users gave the WG308 an average score of 4.1/5 stars. You can liken that to the WORX WG309 which holds an average rating of 4.3/5 stars.

The WG308 by WORX gives several very premium features like Bar measures 6 inches; 4-inch maximum cutting length; weighs 11.7 pounds. The WORX WG309 although, is hard to beat with Patented auto tension chain system for extended bar & chain life and even Powerful 8 Amp motor offers a consistent performance. OIL TANK CAPACITY 120 ml.

I can easily recommend both of these WORX Chainsaws
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3. WORX WG308 Chainsaw

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A simple procedure covered in the manual. This is my third WORX purchase. Even when fully extended the pole isn't flimsy. I end up oiling the chain manually. But so far does a good job for small jobs!

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4. WORX WG309 Chainsaw

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It is faster than a gas saw for this. 5th star will depend on its longevity. But see above-can't give 10 year review on this. Well balanced, even with the 4 amp battery. So far absolutely no complaints Great product.

Honorable Mentions

If you are thinking that the WORX Chainsaws we rated above fail to meet your needs, we rated a few additional options that may likely be a more suitable match. It's a fact that there are a number of excellent tools on the market to choose. With exhaustive study and assessments, the choices above are our favorites. However, the Chainsaws below deliver a few distinct features and are each top rated WORX Chainsaws.

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5. WORX WG320 Chainsaw

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A simple procedure covered in the manual. AND the chain adjustment requires no tools. I found the starting instructions superfluous. I've included photos of what I took down. Also, I dont like how you tighten the chain.

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6. WORX WG307 Chainsaw

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Puts just the right amount of oil on the bar. So far, I have cut several face cords of wood. I am blown away on the performance of this saw. Lasts 3 - 4 hrs and have used it 5 times so far. The first job was a trash palm tree.

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7. WORX WG322 Chainsaw

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A simple procedure covered in the manual. This is probably because the motor gets too hot. My two other new chain saws do the same thing. Starts easily every time hot or cold. So far absolutely no complaints Great product.

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8. WORX WG305.1 Chainsaw

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A simple procedure covered in the manual. This thing cuts through wood like butter. This is when I realized I had messed up. This is a well-built Heavy Duty corded chainsaw. Both Saws a NOT TO CUT YOUR FIREWOOD!

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9. WORX WG323 Chainsaw

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On the bar to sit the bar and the chain properly. The chain did indeed have 57 links. You need oil- it doesn't come with any. It has great safety features and is easy to use. Loved not dealing with the gas or the pull start.

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10. WORX WG384 Chainsaw

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Looking forward to tackle my next trees! This is an essential for any home-owner. I have cut several without any issues. I filled the bar oil, and it sat overnight. You must use Motor oil, not chain oil.