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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated WORX Circular Saws Available Today
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2. WORX WX523L Circular Saw

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As a contractor this is my go to Circular Saw. It also fits the work that I need to do. I've used them all, this Circular Saw is the best. You can buy the WORX WX523L at a reasonable price. A better deal than I expected.

The WORX WX531L Circular Saw B084TR9ST3 was undoubtedly our number one WORX Circular Saws. Nevertheless, there were several other really premium WORX Circular Saws we wanted to show you here that just barely fell short.

WORX is another leading maker of Circular Saws. They produce the tool next on our list. WORX's Circular Saws are one of their premier tools. I was ready to try out the model WX523L and I was not disappointed!

The WORX WX523L Circular Saw, at $101.38 is an especially great Circular Saw for the price. The WORX WX523L is really a solid alternative. Of you are not sure about our number one choice, I'd advise to select this Circular Saw.

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WORX WX523L Features

Small, compact size for excellent maneuverability and portability

Grip with integrated safety trigger for comfort, balance, and control

Exceptional depth-of-cut for cutting 1” stock lumber

Left-sided blade design for great cut-line visibility

Dust port for dust vac Hookup and a clean work environment

Includes 20V 1.5Ah Power Share Battery

The WORX WX530L.9 and the WORX are worthy of a look as well. Both these tool manufactures are regarded as two of the premier manufacturers of quality Circular Saws. Both tools are highly rated as well. Customers awarded the WORX an average score of 4.3/5 stars. You can compare that to the that boasts an average score of 4.4/5 stars.

The WX530L.9 by WORX gives some really premium features including 6-1⁄2" circular saw makes straight cuts easy with accuracy and control. The by WORX however, is very competitive featuring [SLIM BODY DESIGN] The new slim design of this saw is easy to grip and makes longer projects more comfortable plus [BRUSHLESS MOTOR] This saw features a brushless motor, which means longer runtime, power, and motor life.

I wouldn't hesitate to endorse either of these WORX Circular Saws
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3. WORX WX530L.9 Circular Saw

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Turned it on and it works flawlessly. If you work with metals, you should definitely get one. You won't be disappointed with this Circular Saw. I am thankful I can get a Circular Saw from WORX at a reasonable price. So far the Circular Saw cuts wood and marble easily.

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4. WORX Circular Saw

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It also fits the work that I need to do. The batteries of the WORX are light and powerful. You cannot go wrong with this Circular Saw. The price is great the WORX works well. I would recommend this Circular Saw to my friends in a heartbeat.