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2. XtremepowerUS 50115 Circular Saw

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I frequently use it with one hand only. Very happy with this Circular Saw. The Circular Saw cut through concrete effortlessly. I am thankful I can get a Circular Saw from XtremepowerUS at a reasonable price. Turned it on and it works flawlessly.

The XtremepowerUS 50118 Circular Saw B07XKW3Z3K was undoubtedly our number one XtremepowerUS Circular Saws. Having said that, there were several other really premium XtremepowerUS Circular Saws we wanted to showcase here that only just missed the mark.

XtremepowerUS is an additional leading manufacturer of Circular Saws. They produce the tool that is next on our rundown. XtremepowerUS's Circular Saws are among their top products. I was excited to try out the model 50115 and I was not disappointed!

The model 50115 Circular Saw by XtremepowerUS, at $ is an especially great Circular Saw for the price. The XtremepowerUS 50115 is definitely a solid alternative. Of you are not sure about our number one selection, I would go with this Circular Saw.

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XtremepowerUS 50115 Features

Easy and quick to install and disassemble by rotating the handle without any auxiliary tools. The laser guide ensures a professional and precise cutting line, convenient for cutting.

Powerful motor to deliver full-size performance at 3,500 rpm, making cut wood, plastics, , PVC pipe, plaster board, tile with ease. 6 Blades: (2) x 24T for wood cuts / (2) x 60T for wood and soft metal cuts / (2) x Grit diamond blade for tile cuts, extending the applications of the compact circular saw

The double protection switch prevents the machine from accidentally opening, promises a safer cutting job. Motor post-position separates the front and rear gravity, promises a stable operation; Optimized ergonomic slim grip provides ease and less fatigue to one-handed operation.

To ensure a parallel cut, laser guide is available in our compact circular saw. Turn on the laser guide power switch, align the laser beam with the cutting line as well as the notch (0° datum point for straight cut / 45° for bevel cut), & a straight and accurate cutting is achieved. Moreover, an edge guide is offered for dual measurement, which ensures that you bricks/plasterboard at a favored width and length

Extraction hose formed dust port can vent the cutting debris timely, help you clear the cutting surface, for you to keep the cutting line free of dust all the time, and also give you a clear view of the cutting line. With the metal guard design to prevent the hurt from spark when operating