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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated AIR LOCKER Construction Staplers Available Today
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2. AIR LOCKER MS200A Construction Stapler

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Nice Construction Stapler at a reasonable price. This is a great Construction Stapler for the price. Overall, its an awesome Construction Stapler with almost zero issues. Fired about 2000 rounds with no problems. Works very well for my DIY projects.

The AIR LOCKER AL-CS80A2 Construction Stapler B00331TN9W was really our favorite AIR LOCKER Construction Staplers. That doesn't mean there aren't a handful of other really great selections when it comes down to AIR LOCKER Construction Staplers. We have them for you here.

AIR LOCKER is another top maker of Construction Staplers. They build the tool that is next on our lineup. AIR LOCKER's Construction Staplers are among their top tools. I was ready to try the model MS200A and I was not disappointed!

The model MS200A Construction Stapler by AIR LOCKER, at $96.88 is an especially excellent Construction Stapler for the money. The AIR LOCKER MS200A is definitely a sound alternative. Of you are not sure about our number one pick, I'd suggest you choose this Construction Stapler.

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AIR LOCKER MS200A Features

Fastener Type: 16 Gauge N wire

Staple length (inches): Upto 2 inch

Magazine capacity: 150 Staples

Operating Pressure (PSI): 70-120 PSI | Air Inlet: 1/4 inch NPT

Tool Dimensions (LxWxH): 14 inch x 11.2 inch x 4.1 inch

Aside from the selections we researched above, I would definitely evaluate the N5025 by AIR LOCKER and the AIR LOCKER KA641K. Both tool manufacturers are famous for their top quality Construction Staplers. Both tools are top rated also. The N5025 received a user rating of 3.6/5 as contrasted against the 3.6/5 star rating received by the AIR LOCKER KA641K.

The N5025 by AIR LOCKER comes with several features you wont get on competing Construction Staplers. One example is Magazine Capacity: 150 Staples | Operating Pressure: 60-120 PSI. The AIR LOCKER KA641K however, is very competitive offering Includes: and even Blow Molded Case.

I wouldn't hesitate to suggest either of these AIR LOCKER Construction Staplers
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3. AIR LOCKER N5025 Construction Stapler

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I have absolutely no complaints. Gunna buy a second one for sure! Fired about 2000 rounds with no problems. Fired about 2000 rounds with no problems. Its perfectly adequate for its intended purpose.

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4. AIR LOCKER KA641K Construction Stapler

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This Construction Stapler works great and is a great time saver. Worked like a champ and no issues. The AIR LOCKER Construction Stapler did a wonderful job. This is the best AIR LOCKER tool I have purchased. I use it a lot and have had no issues.

Honorable Mentions

If you are thinking that the AIR LOCKER Construction Staplers mentioned above fail to meet your needs, we rated a handful of other selections that may better fit your needs. We found several great Construction Staplers during the course of our analysis. With extensive research and assessments, the choices mentioned above were our preferred Construction Staplers. That being said, the Construction Staplers you're about to see offer several unique characteristics and are all premium AIR LOCKER Construction Staplers.

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5. AIR LOCKER AL-CS80A2K Construction Stapler

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Easy to load and shoots common staple sizes. Works very well for my DIY projects. The alignment seems perfect. Great price for a Construction Stapler. The handle is long and fits well in your hand.

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6. AIR LOCKER N5025K Construction Stapler

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I had no issues with jams or misfires. Sets staples to proper depth to allow expansion. Best manufacturer of Construction Stapler to date. I had no jams and every staple was driven home. I have absolutely no complaints.