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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Radial Drill Presses Available Today
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2. Shop Fox W1669 Benchtop Drill Press

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This is a hobby quality Benchtop Drill Press. And the Shop Fox brand sleeves are EXPENSIVE. I would buy it again the next chance I get. I am very happy with this Benchtop Drill Press. The construction is pretty amazing for the price.

The Shop Fox W1670 Stationary Drill Press B001R23SOU was definitely our favorite Radial Drill Presses. Even so, there were a handful of other very premium Radial Drill Presses we wanted to show you here that only just fell short.

Next on our list is built by Shop Fox which is a very respectable tool supplier. Shop Fox's Benchtop Drill Presses are one of their top offerings. It was terrific to try out the W1669. I was very satisfied using this tool!

The model W1669 Benchtop Drill Press by Shop Fox, at $399.99 is an especially excellent Drill Press for the money. If you not sure about our top choice, I'd check out the Shop Fox W1669 next. It's a premium quality tool at a great price.

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Shop Fox W1669 Features

Motor: 1/2 HP, 110V, 5A

Overall height: Bench model: 31-1/2"

Overall height: Bench model: 31-1/2"

Number of speeds: 5

Drill chuck: 5/8"

Besides the selections we already included, I would definitely have a look at the Rikon 30-140 and the Rikon 30-251. Both tool brands are known for their high quality Drill Presses. Both of these two options are highly rated also. The 30-140 received a score of 3.1/5 when compared to 3.1/5 star rating given to the Rikon 30-251.

The Rikon 30-140 offers a few truly premium features such as 5 spindle speeds 620-3100 RPM. The Rikon 30-251 by comparison, is tough to beat with MT-2 Spindle taper and even 5 Spindle speeds 620-3100 RPM.

Either of these two tools make a great decision if you're shopping for Radial Drill Presses
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3. Rikon 30-140 Benchtop Drill Press

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So far, I’m happy with my purchase. That is the way it should be to prevent rust. In my opinion, the Rikon 30-140 is totally worth it. This is a high precision piece of equipment. I spent almost no time setting the Benchtop Drill Press up.

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4. Rikon 30-251 Stationary Drill Press

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It's really a great machine! I really like this drill press for the money. I would buy it again the next chance I get. The table is adequate and easy to adjust. It has no problem at all starting at low speed.

Honorable Mentions

If you are thinking that the Radial Drill Presses we rated above don't meet your needs, we have several other options that may fit you better. We found a plenty of terrific options out there to buy. Through thorough analysis and assessments, the choices mentioned above were our preferred Drill Presses. However, the Drill Presses you're about to see offer a few special features and are each premium Radial Drill Presses.

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5. Jet Stationary Drill Press

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The paint looks great right out of the box. The table is more-or-less perfectly designed. The Jet far exceeded my expectations. Super heavy duty Stationary Drill Press. Great piece of equipment.