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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Grizzly Drum Sanders Available Today
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2. Grizzly G0449 Drum Sander

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A couple issues that I have ran into so far. The motor adjusts from 0 to 10 fpm. I swapped out the sandpaper without the tool. Anyway, bottom line is no regrets with this machine. Did not even have to fine tune anything.

It's true that the Grizzly G1079R was the Grizzly Drum Sanders that we graded the highest. However, there were a range of other very premium Grizzly Drum Sanders we wanted to showcase here that barely fell short.

Grizzly is another major producer of Drum Sanders. They make the tool next on our list. Grizzly's Drum Sanders are great as well. It was terrific to try out the G0449. I was very satisfied using this tool!

This Drum Sander is only $4690.00. That is a great deal for a top quality Drum Sander like the G0449 by Grizzly. If you unsure about our top selection, I'd check out the Grizzly G0449 next. It's a first class tool at a terrific price.

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Grizzly G0449 Features

Sand stock up to 36-1/2-Inch wide and 4-Inch thick with variable speed feed control and the economy of spiral-wrapped 6-Inch wide sandpaper rolls

Built for production environments these Drum Sanders feature industrial-quality conveyor belts and dual 6-Inch sanding drums

Includes a 4-port dust scoop to maximize dust collection easy access to sanding drums emergency stop for safety solid steel construction in depend