Top 1 Best BLACK+DECKER Electric Hand Planers

What Real People Are Saying About The BLACK+DECKER 7698K

Excellent value. Requires some skill and practice. A bit messy.

This is a wonderful tool for trimming the side of slab doors. I have not used it for anything else yet, but this is really nice for that purpose.

I like the nice carrying case to keep all the pieces together, although its a bit of a puzzle to figure out how to get them in there properly.

I did not use the vacuum attachment for collecting the shavings, but I think that is probably the best thing to do, if your work piece is not too long or if you have a hose that is long enough and light enough. I suspect you need an assistant otherwise. In my case, I was working alone, had a short ShopVac® hose, and my workpiece was long (slab door).

So I used the dust bag. The bag is really too small for any serious planing activity. A couple passes on a slab door and the bag was clogged full. I discovered that using a ShopVac® to suck out the shavings works best -- trying the shake them out takes a long time and creates a whopping mess. I also tried just letting the shavings hit the ground. This saves a lot of time, but it better not be too windy where you are working.

Be aware that the guide fence which comes with the unit is not very deep and you will need to take care to keep the unit square to the edge even though the guide fence should help there. Its all-too-easy to plane a bevel into your work piece. Its also easy to plane a gouge at the end. This tool does require some skill to operate. Its probably asking too much to expect the tool to provide the guides to keep it square. I am not complaining, but I just want potential users to be aware that you need to be prepared to practice with this tool before using it on costly work pieces, such as doors.

Wish I had this before...

Before I purchased this power planer I used a hand planer to shave down high spot on 2x4 before installing drywall, it cost me about $35 for the hand planer, and it gets difficult when you hit a knot. Then I found this planer for about $65 and it gets the job done in couple seconds compares to hours, it ran through the knot like it's not even there! Not only it's quick, the finish is impressively smooth too. For those (like me) thinking about getting a hand planer just for couple small jobs, the extra $30 is definitely worth it, plus the replacement blades are cheaper than the ones for hand planer.

Good value

I purchased this planer to fit interior hollow-core doors and it worked perfectly. For the price I'd have to say this is a very good value. The fence is a little flimsy but more than sufficient to keep the planer square on a door edge. The sawdust bag captures about 80% of the dust which I was pretty happy with. I didn't screw the dust catcher together so that I could quickly dis-assemble it to replace it in the storage case. The carry case is sturdy and an extra blade is included. I trimmed 3 doors making probably 2 dozen passes along the door edge and didn't notice any dulling of the blade or wood burning. The depth adjustment knob is also the knob you'd typical hold to steady the planer which risks changing the depth accidentally. Ideally they'd add a locking device but I just tried to hold it with one hand. Prior to this purchase I was trimming doors with a hand planer. I'll never go back, this accomplished the task in a fraction of the time.

Seams to be a good tool however after less than an hour of usage ...

Seams to be a good tool however after less than an hour of usage the drive belt broke. I live in Mexico so I have it on special order at my expense. Not cheap with shipping charges!

Good value for the money

Great tool !