Top 6 Best Cordless Electric Hand Planers

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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Cordless Electric Hand Planers Available Today
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2. Makita XPK01Z Electric Hand Planer

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You get what you pay for in these Makita tools. If you only used a crude hand plane you can use this. Yes, this quickly filled, but it was better than nothing. I wish the did include a collection bag, that's one big con. I can't imagine how long the sander would have taken.

The DEWALT DCP580B was our preferred Cordless Electric Hand Planers. Having said that, there were a handful of other very high quality Cordless Electric Hand Planers worth showcasing here that only just missed first place.

Next on our list is made by Makita which is a very trusted tool manufacturer. Makita's Electric Hand Planers are no exception. It was terrific to try out the XPK01Z. I was very satisfied with this tool!

This Electric Hand Planer is only $169.00. That is an exceptional deal for a top quality Electric Hand Planer like the XPK01Z by Makita. If you not sure about our top selection, I'd consider the Makita XPK01Z next. It's a first class tool at a good price.

Full Makita XPK01Z Review

Makita XPK01Z Features

Planes Up to 3-1/4" Wide and 5/64" Deep in a Single Pass

2-blade cutter head with double edge carbide blades for added performance and smooth finish

High power-to-weight ratio; weighs only 7.4 lbs.

14,000 RPM motor engineered for fast stock removal

Click depth adjustment knob with easy-to-read scale with settings from 0" to 5/64" for precise depth adjustment

Besides the tools we already included, I would definitely evaluate the Bosch GHO12V-08N and the PL593802 by Skil. Both these tool manufactures are regarded as some of the top suppliers of premium Electric Hand Planers. Both these tools are highly rated as well. Genuine customers awarded the GHO12V-08N an score on average of 4.7/5 stars. You can liken that to the PL593802 which boasts an average score of 4.7/5 stars.

The Bosch GHO12V-08N has several features you wont experience on other similar Electric Hand Planers. One example is BALANCED DESIGN: The Bosch GHO12V-08N provides an easy-to-handle, balanced cordless planer design for fast, smooth stock removal with the first 12V max planer on the market.. The Skil PL593802 although, is tough to beat offering 20V WOOD PLANER KIT—Includes a PWR Core 20 4. 0Ah Lithium Battery and PWR Jump Charger. and even BRUSHLESS MOTOR—The digital brushless motor provides efficient, high-performance power, delivering up to 14, 000 RPM..

Either of these two choices are a great decision for someone whose in the market for Cordless Electric Hand Planers
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3. Bosch GHO12V-08N Electric Hand Planer

  • (18 Points)

Power is adequate for fresh cut oak rough planks. Powerful, cuts clean and smooth, easy to handle. 30 minutes of planing is around 30 gallons of chips. I wish the did include a collection bag, that's one big con. I can't imagine how long the sander would have taken.

Skil PL593802 featured image

4. Skil PL593802 Electric Hand Planer

  • (11 Points)

I like quality tools that last a long time. Takes a while to get the scooping stroke down. Best of all, with the bag on it leave almost no dust at all. A solid planer and is more suited for larger timbers. It works great, particularly on irregular shapes.

Honorable Mentions

If you are thinking that the Cordless Electric Hand Planers mentioned above don't cut it, we rated a variety of additional choices that may better meet your needs. We identified a number of great Electric Hand Planers during our analysis. With in depth study and assessments, the options we reviewed earlier are our favorites. That doesn't mean there aren't several additional terrific Cordless Electric Hand Planers.

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5. Bosch PLH181B Electric Hand Planer

  • (9 Points)

I've only used this a handful of times and have been pleased. I've already given one of my other two power planers away. I rigged up a table based on videos that I watched online. 305 inch when cutting with 1/32 inch setting. I can't get too close to the floor with it.

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6. Milwaukee 2623-20 Electric Hand Planer

  • (7 Points)

Cool tool, planing through wood beautifully. We had to shave some doors down a small bit. I had never used a planer before so this was new to me. It's closer to the street than the house! For working with soft woods, this is a decent planer.