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What Real People Are Saying About The DEWALT DCP580B

As good as it needs to be.

Outstanding cordless version of the original,"I have one cord left to get rid of, the mini router", being nearly all cordless makes you so much more efficient. The depth of cutting is less than the corded, but it is all you really need, the time to take an extra swipe or two is alot less than setting up a cord. It is lighter than the corded version that makes it more agile and able to get a better feel of what you are doing. The guide is beefy and solid, and easy to adjust. I would have given it 5 stars, but if DeWalt wants that 5th star, it would be made in the USA.
It still has the footrest on the rear like the original, on the original it got in the way of a smooth cut and I just broke it off with a pair of pliers. The reason the foot was there was the original took a good 20 seconds for the wheel to stop spinning. This one has an electric brake on the blades that stops the wheel in about 1 1/2 seconds, hence not much more need for the foot. The only other judgement would be for the want of LED lights on the tool, 2 pointing front, 2 pointing rear for gloomy November evenings in Pennsylvania.

In Closing
I will use this tool a lot more now that I can just reach over grab and go with power.

Thanks DeWalt

super high-quality

I am a SF cabinetmaker, and I also do specialized finish stuff. I have a vintage, spiral carbide, Rockwell plane that I use for doors, but this gets used for everything else. Not everything Dewalt makes is as nice as this planer (and I have a bunch of XR tools) but this one is sweet. Just quiet and smooth and leaves a glassy finish. This replaced a corded Bosch that I had for 20 years, which had a way better fence and could shoot the chips out either side. I almost didn't buy this because you are stuck with the chips going out on the right, but I'm invested in the 20v system so I gave it a try. It is so nice to use, I'm finding myself doing long scribes with it that I used to do with a jigsaw and even shallow scribes that I used to do with a belt sander or block plane. I'm kind of particular about how a tool feels ( Please Dewalt, make a drill as nice as this plane!) and I actually look forward to using this one. Every once in a while I have a situation where the chips have to shoot up and rain back down on me (yes, there is a bag which I threw away) and the fence is a useless afterthought, but if you're not doing doors with it, this is one of the nicer XR tools Dewalt makes. Also, I have to say, not having a cord on a plane is pretty awesome.

Excellent tool--missing dust bag!

This is an outstanding tool. I used it to level my joists for a deck I built. I have used it several time since then. It is an incredible tool. The only problem is that it doesn't come with the dust bag, so it shoots saw dust EVERYWHERE. I had to go to the DeWalt service center to buy one, but even then, it still made a mess. My cleanest results were when I duct taped it to the hose on my shop vac and ran the shop vac while using the tool. It's not convenient, but it did contain about 98% of the mess.

Has a big learning curve, but over all a great product.

Ended up returning this product shortly after, I’ve read reviews on this product and thought it was worth enough to buy. I was thoroughly impressed with the products build when I received it. It was a good size and not to bulky. I was excited to finally use it and after a few days of using it I was not thoroughly impressed. When I say that I don’t mean it didn’t have the power because it did but I feel that the placement of where the blades are on the product and how short it is causes problems when you are at the end of your pass. I found myself gouging the ends of some of my work prices and I spend more time fixing the gouging than actually planing surfaces. It’s something a lot of reviews online stated but I figured with my skills I’d be able to overcome
It but it’s just not as easy with all the inertia of the blades spinning at such a high rate. I loved the tool until the gouging became a reoccurring thing and just couldn’t deal
With it over a standard run through planner. I wouldn’t necessarily say I don’t recommend buying it because I believe with enough practice anything is possible
But it will give you a run for your money when it comes to patience. I
Have a very high attention to detail mindset and I need things to be perfect before giving something to a customer and this product
Just made more work for me rather than the old fashion and tradition way of planing.

Great Tool with Expensive Batteries

Terrific tool and is is so nice to be able to use a planer without having a cord in the way.

Like all DeWalt products, the batteries are way too expensive.

People's Choice

These Are Some Of The Highest Rated DEWALT Electric Hand Planers Available Today
DEWALT DW680K featured image

2. DEWALT DW680K Electric Hand Planer

  • (99 Ratings)

The DEWALT DCP580B was really our preferred DEWALT Electric Hand Planers. Nevertheless, there were a handful of other very high quality DEWALT Electric Hand Planers we wanted to showcase here that only just missed the mark.

DEWALT is yet another top maker of Electric Hand Planers. They build the tool next on our rundown. DEWALT's Electric Hand Planers are among their premier offerings. It was great to try the DW680K. I was very happy with this tool!

The model DW680K Electric Hand Planer by DEWALT, at $171.23 is a particularly exceptional Electric Hand Planer for the money. The DEWALT DW680K is really a solid alternative. Of you are not sure about our number one pick, I would choose this Electric Hand Planer.

Full DEWALT DW680K Review

DEWALT DW680K Features

The product is highly durable

The product is easy to use

Manufactured in China

Heavy-duty 7.0 Amp motor provides a smooth, even finish in the hardest of woods

3/32-inch (2.5-milimeter) maximum cut in one pass reduces the amount of passes on your material

Accepts large resharpenable high speed steel blades for straight edging or framing applications

Calibrated Depth Adjustment Knob for accurate depth setting and eliminating the need to re-zero your depth

Also accepts reversible carbide blades for more detailed, accurate woodworking; Precision-machined shoe bottom and side provides flat surface finish as well as accurate and square rabbet joints

The DEWALT D26677K and the DEWALT D26676 are worth a look as well. Both these tool manufactures are regarded as some of the leading producers of premium Electric Hand Planers. both of these two options earned fantastic end user ratings as well. The D26677K boasts a score of 4.0/5 when contrasted against the 4.1/5 star rating given to the D26676 by DEWALT.

The DEWALT D26677K offers a few truly choice features like Powerful 5.5 Amp motor provides a smooth, even finish in the hardest of woods. The DEWALT D26676 although, is hard to beat with N/A and even Imported.

Either of these two tools make an excellent option if you're shopping for DEWALT Electric Hand Planers