Top 1 Best Drill Master Electric Hand Planers

What Real People Are Saying About The Drill Master 5.5Amp

Good for the price

I did a lot of sanding and on a whim bought this item. Wish I would have had it years ago, would have saved a lot of money on sandpaper. You have to be careful on the edges, or you will leave gouges. Just don't go fast and use a steady stroke. Easy to get acquainted with and will save a lot of time. Would recommend this item to anyone

Five Stars

Best Buy for the $ , Did what I needed !

an electric planer is a great tool to have when you need it...and the drill master is a great value

I bought this at harbor freight for about $30. I had never used a planer before so this was new to me. I needed to take about a half inch off the side of an 8 foot 2x4 and no way was I going to sand it down.
This worked great.
When working on an edge, it is important to run it as straight as possible so your edge doesn't get an angle.

I've since used it on other projects and it helps tremendously. Mainly saving time. Instead of sanding an area for minutes, I can just use this to remove the majority and then sand the area down to my needed depth.
I used it in conjunction with a belt sander to smooth and even out my deck boards. One issue is that if you run over a nail or screw head, the blades chip pretty easily. You can continue to use it with chipped blades, but you may notice lines in the wood where the chipped blades don't catch. (But there are 2 blades on the spinning part, and as long as one blade isn't chipped in the same spot, it will take care of it)
You can flip around the 2 blades to get fresh sharp edges...but there is a learning curve to removing and replacing them.
I looked online for a video to help me line the new blades up evenly to get clean cuts, but there aren't any I could find for the drill master version. It seems every company's planer has a little different way of removing/changing blades.

I wish the company had better instructions on blade replacement...but oh well.

I don't know how well other more expensive brands perform,but the drill master is definitely a great value and a time saving tool to have in my arsenal as a do it myself home repairer.
Would have come in handy had I gotten it years ago.