Top 1 Best Milwaukee Electric Hand Planers

What Real People Are Saying About The Milwaukee 2623-20

... used this a few times but it has been great so far
  • Lucas - August 24, 2017

I've only used this a few times but it has been great so far. Lots of power and a very smooth finish. Goes through 5 amp hour batteries pretty fast but that's not surprising.

Update : is been a year or so and I've used this a lot. Still works great and contrary to another review that I read, it takes standard blades for this type of planer. Easy to change too. Great tool.

The stock removal adjustment is outstanding.

The cordless power planner is a great tool for the woodshop. It uses battery life more than any other cordless tool I have owned. The abjustment for stock removal is an excellent feature.

Standard blades

It uses standard planer blades for Bosch or Makita available at Home Deport

Blades can be replaced

Cordless planer, yes please.

Nice if invested into M18 batteries.

Works great. Uses Bosch blades. Prefer this depth adjustment mechanism to others. 12.0 fits on it and good for keeping weight on the back.