Top 1 Best PORTER-CABLE Electric Hand Planers

What Real People Are Saying About The PORTER-CABLE PC60THP

low cost high performance planer

I have been using power planers on the job since the 1970's and I don't believe that I ever used one that did not perform well. The 4 3/8" Makita planer I still own has been working for some 30 years now. I purchased this one because the high price of carbide blades for my wider format Makita. My decision for the Porter Cable was based upon favorable Amazon reviews and the low price. I can't attest to the long term durability of this product since it is only been in my possession for about a year but it performs 100% as well as my Makita and other brands such as Bosch and Milwaukee that I routinely get to use in the field. So at least for those who only occasionally have the need for a power planer I see no reason to pay a lot more for similar more expensive brands. You will be getting professional level performance for a low price.

Solid tool

Does a nice job. I hacked it to turn it into a small bench top jointer and am pleased with the results.

Great bargain. Buy this one for doors and craft wood working.

Thought there would be issues with this. I've always resisted the purchase because of the expense vs. use of a power planer. When I found this for $70 I thought I'd give it a shot. I was installing new doors in an old (very un-square) house. This tool took hours off of hand planing and was super comfortable to operate. Easily performed as well or better than $200 makita's and DeWalts I've borrowed in the past.

Nice basic planer

Nice basic planer. Not a tool that I used all the time, so I didn't want to spend big bucks. It does the job, though the fit and finish match the price point. My main complaint is that the depth adjustment is the front hand grip, so its easily to accidentally adjust the depth when you're holding it. It would be better done through another mechanism or make the existing mechanism stiffer or add a lock.

I was having issues with staying square and flat all ...

I was having issues with staying square and flat all the way across using this "freehand". I rigged up a table based on videos that I watched online. After a few test pieces and adjustments, I was able to get square and flat for the full length of my stock.