Top 1 Best WEN Electric Hand Planers

What Real People Are Saying About The WEN 6530

A good value for the lazy woodworker

I bought the big version to get a little extra weight and length along the sole for flattening longer boards. The longer the the sole is, of course, the flatter the resulting plane created by the cut. I'm using this as an initial cut on a woodworking bench that I'm making out of multiple 2x4 boards. This helps knock off high spots before going to a hand plane or drum sander where more refined removal is necessary to achieve a truly flat surface. My thinking is that with a $60 tool, I'm saving in expensive drum sander sand paper rolls and more importantly, effort.

A couple of caveats:
1.) Don't buy this if you don't have a shop vac with reasonable capacity. Something like this:

2.) The adapter that comes with the planer is not all that great; fits a bit loose. You may want to get an adapter that fits your shop vac hose to the 2" OD of the bidirectional dust chute outlet on the planer.

3.) Set your wood/workpiece on sawhorses or on a bench so that your planing is done ergonomically and safely.

4.) Apply pressure to the front of the planer as you enter the cut (with no pressure on the back). As the planer works through the middle of the cut, let the weight of the tool apply the pressure. As you exit the cut (likely at the end of a board) retain pressure at the back of the planer (with no pressure on the front). This will ensure a flatter cut.

5.) If, like me, you're working on long boards, it may help to get a straight edge to check your work. You can spend more on more accurate straight edges, but this is probably good enough for government work:
You may also want to use winding sticks to check for warp/twist. Note where the winding sticks rest, ideally on the outer edges if not a flat surface.

6.) Start off taking only small amounts of material, and dial up to a cut that feels comfortable.

7.) Empty your shop vac before using the planer. Then when you (rapidly) fill the shop vac with wood chips, you can save them. Let them dry out for a while. They should make great kindling if you have a fireplace. Alternatively, it could be used for mulch or yard waste.

The only con I can mention, and one that WEN should consider adding as a feature, is that it's missing "Hold" button. They probably assessed that this was a safety risk, but when you're planing large sections for long periods of time, your fingers and hand get fatigued from holding the trigger. It would be nice to have a feature that enabled a press-once for "on"--my SKIL belt sander has this and it really makes a difference.

Great, Time-Saving Tool

What a great tool! This is the first electric hand planer I've ever used, and I'm surprised at how useful it is. I'm a novice woodworker, which mostly means that my work is still a bit imprecise, with lots of uneven surfaces and joints that don't quite match. Before getting this tool, I gave my orbital sander quite a workout and went through a lot of 80-grit paper. But this tool makes the process vastly easier. It's powerful enough to cut troughs 1/8" deep, but when it's set on a shallow setting (e.g., 1/64), it functions like a super belt-sander. I built a work bench using scrap wood to build a butcher-block top. After gluing and clamping all of these pieces of crappy wood together, the surface was quite uneven with lots of glue residue. With this planer, I was able to get it completely level and smooth in about 30 minutes. I can't imagine how long the sander would have taken.

It's very easy to use....the only thing you have to pay attention to is the cutting depth. As others have mentioned, the chip collection bag fills quickly. I just gave up on it and let the chips fly...the big clean up later was less worth than dealing with the little bag.

The only other minor complaint is that the depth control knob needs to have a lock. Since the planer is controlled by your front hand holding onto the knob,it's a bit too easy to twist the knob during use which changes the cutting depth.

Outstanding product
  • Joe - May 3, 2016

Removes wood like lightning. Was indespensible in the building of my 15 foot wooden boat...lot's of planning.


It did a fantastic job on wood that is over 200 years old! See picture!!! Worth every penny!


I purchased this based on price because it is a tool that does not see a lot of use,but let me tell you that you will not be disappointed by this planer.I have been adding on a sun room on to the back of the house. Most of the lumber was good grade but as I was getting close to the end I decided to use some old lumber I had in the garage instead of buying more. A few of the 2x4s I used were a little warped and twisted. I went a head and used them for the framing on the old brick wall. When putting up the paneling I noticed the twisting was worse than I thought. Thinking how to work around this I decided to use the planer.This resulted in planing almost 2/3rds the thickness (and very quickly)for about 2 1/2 feet,but hey it worked well.Since then I have used this several times on different projects. I feel that if you buy this planer instead of any one of the more expensive big name brands you will not be disappointed. I would buy this same one again if needed.