Top 7 Best Wide Crown Finish Staplers

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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Wide Crown Finish Staplers Available Today
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2. Makita AT2550A Finish Stapler

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Fired about 2000 rounds with no problems. Great Finish Stapler, worked without a single issue. 4000 staples, but never had 1 jam. Very nice stapler, I love it. Works on wood that is extremely heavy and dense.

The Hitachi N5024A2 Finish Stapler B0031R0EO6 was really our preferred Wide Crown Finish Staplers. That doesn't mean there aren't a handful of other fantastic selections when it comes down to Wide Crown Finish Staplers. We have the best of them in this article.

Makita is another major manufacturer of Finish Staplers. They build the tool next on our lineup. Makita's Finish Staplers are one of their premier products. I was ready to try out the model AT2550A and I was not let down!

The model AT2550A Finish Stapler by Makita, at $259.57 is a particularly great Finish Stapler for the money. The Makita AT2550A is truly a sound alternative. Of you are uncertain about our top selection, I would select this Finish Stapler.

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Makita AT2550A Features

Compact with less weight for all day use

Top-loading magazine allows user to quickly load 16 GA staples varying in length from 1"" to 2""

Quick release cam-lock opens nose assembly to clear jammed staples, minimizing downtime

Built-in air filter minimizes dust and debris from entering tool

Hook allows tool to remain close by but never in the way. Minimum recommended air delivery of 2.3 SCFM @ 90PSI

Rugged aluminum magazine has large holding capacity (up to 140 staples)

Rubber bumpers protect the tool and surface from damage

Besides the option we reviewed already, I would have a look at the 450S2-1 by Bostitch and the 438S2R-1 by Bostitch. Both these tool manufactures are thought to be a couple of the top suppliers of superior Finish Staplers. Each of these particular options enjoy terrific customer ratings as well. Users awarded the 450S2-1 an average rating of 4.9/5 stars. You can compare that to the 438S2R-1 which boasts an average score of 3.7/5 stars.

The 450S2-1 by Bostitch has several features you wont find on competing Finish Staplers. One example is Anti Jam magazine to minimize downtime. The Bostitch 438S2R-1 however, is very competitive with 3/4- to 1-1/4-Inch 16-gauge nailer for composite shingle roofing, sheathing, and house wrap/vapor barrier and even Patented jam-free magazine; power control valve adjusts power by 30 percent.

I can easily recommend either of these Wide Crown Finish Staplers
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3. Bostitch 450S2-1 Finish Stapler

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Works on wood that is extremely heavy and dense. This was an excellent Finish Stapler. Great price for a Finish Stapler. I would highly recommend this product. An absolutely phenomenal Finish Stapler.

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4. Bostitch 438S2R-1 Finish Stapler

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You can't go wrong with Bostitch tools. Overall the process is a lot faster. Great value, easy to use, reliable so far. This has been a great tool for me. I think it will perform as good as my other Bostitch.

Honorable Mentions

If the Wide Crown Finish Staplers we rated above don't do it for you, we have several additional choices that might better fit your needs. There really are a number of excellent options out there to pick from. The Finish Staplers we evaluated above are the best we could find. Read on however. We listed several additional fantastic Wide Crown Finish Staplers.

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5. Hitachi N5024A Finish Stapler

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No problems with finding correct staples. Works very well for my DIY projects. I definitely recommend this Finish Stapler. Could not be happier with this Finish Stapler. The learning curve is short for this Finish Stapler.

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6. Spot Nails XS1640RFH Finish Stapler

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Gunna buy a second one for sure! This Finish Stapler will simplify your job a lot. Very nice stapler, I love it. Nice and light weight,good value for the money. An absolutely phenomenal Finish Stapler.

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7. Grip-Rite GRTS1200 Finish Stapler

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We are very pleased with our purchase. The Grip-Rite Finish Stapler did a wonderful job. Worked like a champ and no issues. Like any tool, it has it's plusses and minuses. Buy one of these and have it forever.