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2. Bosch GWS8-45 Angle Grinder

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Exactly what I was hoping to get from Bosch. I may never use my other Angle Grinder again. This Angle Grinder works very well. I would buy this Angle Grinder again. I have a number of Bosch woodworking tools.

The Bosch 1375A Angle Grinder B00004SUOU was our favorite Bosch Grinders. That doesn't mean there aren't a number of other superb selections when it comes to Bosch Grinders. We have them for you here.

Bosch is yet another major producer of Grinders. They make the tool next on our lineup. Bosch's Angle Grinders are among their top products. I was ready to try out the model GWS8-45 and I was not let down!

The Bosch GWS8-45 Angle Grinder, at $63.40 is a particularly exceptional Grinder for the money. If you uncertain about our number one pick, I'd consider the Bosch GWS8-45 next. It's a high quality tool at a terrific price.

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Bosch GWS8-45 Features

COMPACT: Weighing only 4.2 lbs., the Bosch GWS8-45 Angle Grinder is lightweight and compact. Its slender grip circumference allows users to work comfortably for longer.

POWER: The angle grinder features a powerful 7.5-amp motor to produce 11,000 no-load rpm for professional cutting and grinding applications.

ERGONOMIC: With its slim-grip design, the GWS8-45 angle grinder provides outstanding user comfort. Its two-position side handle allows for greater control and utility.

PROTECTION: The grinder also provides directed air flow to divert dust from vital components for enhanced durability and longer tool life. The burst-protection guard provides quick adjustments for user security.

LONGEVITY: Bosch's Service Minder brush system shuts off the tool when preventative maintenance is required, extending overall tool life.

Aside from the tools we already covered, I would have a look at the GWS13-50VSP by Bosch and the Bosch DG355LCE. Both Bosch and Bosch are thought to be some of the leading producers of premium Grinders. both of these particular options received great user ratings also. The Bosch received a rating of 4.4/5 as contrasted against the 4.4/5 star rating for the DG355LCE by Bosch.

The Bosch GWS13-50VSP offers several very choice features including Paddle switch provides for multiple, comfortable grip positions. The Bosch DG355LCE however, is very competitive featuring Variable Speed: Set the perfect speed for each application plus Hardened ¼-InchCollet: for longer life and increased precision.

I can easily endorse either of these Bosch Grinders
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3. Bosch GWS13-50VSP Angle Grinder

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No overheating, not a whole lot of vibration. Cuts like butter, very easy and accurate control. It's always something I look forward to using. It works better than other Angle Grinders. It's always something I look forward to using.

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4. Bosch DG355LCE Die Grinder

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Very impressive Die Grinder with many features. I'm pleased with it after several hours of use. Excellent Die Grinder and you get what you paid for. In short, this Die Grinder does a great job. I have cut metal, cement boards and concrete.

Honorable Mentions

We found a handful more excellent Bosch Grinders on Amazon. Below are a few to pick from if the options you already looked at don't meet your needs. We found quite a few fantastic Grinders during our analysis. The Grinders we graded above are the best of the best. That doesn't mean there aren't several more great Bosch Grinders.

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5. Bosch 1974-8 Angle Grinder

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It works perfectly. I can't speak highly enough about it. Easy to change accessories, good power & balance. I had no idea it was going to be this powerful. I use it a lot more than I had thought I would.

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6. Bosch DG490CE Die Grinder

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It works better than other Die Grinders. Fit and finish is much better than my old one. It's always something I look forward to using. I'm a demanding user and I would buy it again. I wish I had bought one of these decades ago.

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7. Bosch GWS9-45 Angle Grinder

  • (14 Points)

Excellent Angle Grinder and you get what you paid for. I changed my rating from four to five stars after I used it. I can't speak highly enough about it. The high quality Angle Grinder is second to none. You can't get a better quality tool than Bosch.

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8. Bosch 1994-6 Angle Grinder

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Everything you could ask for in an Angle Grinder. Its features were the selling points to me. 5 stars all day long, you won't be disappointed. Highly recommended for home use and contractors. It is has the perfect balance for one handed cutting.

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9. Bosch 1994-6D Angle Grinder

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It's an excellent Angle Grinder for a great price. Great Angle Grinder for my money that's for sure. I have used it several times and it is powerful. This Angle Grinder works very well. It delivers high performance with each use.

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10. Bosch 1893-6 Angle Grinder

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Easy to change accessories, good power & balance. Fit and finish is much better than my old one. It works perfectly. Still the best Angle Grinder I ever owned. Once again Bosch made another great product.