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2. Metabo GE 710 PLUS Die Grinder

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It has performed very well without any problems. I got the Metabo GE 710 PLUS and it worked like a charm. The Die Grinder arrived well packaged and undamaged. Die Grinder was fine and arrived in a timely manner. It has plenty of torque and power at all speeds.

The fact is that the Metabo DS 200 Bench Grinder B0054M9546 was the Metabo Grinders that we ranked the highest. That doesn't mean there aren't a few other fantastic options when it comes down to Metabo Grinders. We have a breakdown of them here.

Next on our list is made by Metabo which is a very reputable tool manufacturer. Metabo's Die Grinders are also top quality. It was terrific to test the GE 710 PLUS. I was very satisfied with this tool!

This Die Grinder is merely $274.99. That is a great deal for a premium Grinder like the GE 710 PLUS by Metabo. The Metabo GE 710 PLUS is really a sound option. Of you are not sure about our top pick, I would go with this Grinder.

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Metabo GE 710 PLUS Features

Made in Germany

World Class production facilities and techniques

Absolute focus on quality by our employees at every Stage of production

Manual, Hybrid and fully automated assembly systems

German engineering and ingenuity

Apart from the tools we reviewed above, I would evaluate the Metabo DG 25 Set and the GE 950 G PLUS by Metabo. Both these tool manufactures are considered some of the top producers of quality Grinders. both of these particular selections received very good customer ratings also. The DG 25 Set received a rating of 4.8/5 as compared to 4.1/5 star rating given to the GE 950 G PLUS by Metabo.

The DG 25 Set by Metabo has a couple of features you wont get on other similar Die Grinders. For example For grinding, deburring, milling and engraving. The GE 950 G PLUS by Metabo however, is very competitive offering Made in Germany and even World Class production facilities and techniques.

I can easily recommend either of these Metabo Grinders
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3. Metabo DG 25 Set Die Grinder

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I use it a lot more than I had thought I would. No major issue that can really hurt. Its features were the selling points to me. The Metabo DG 25 Set most definitely has good vibration dampening. Used it for around 20 hours in the first week.

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4. Metabo GE 950 G PLUS Die Grinder

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It's well balanced and with plenty of power. This Die Grinder is perfect for low use grinding. It's well balanced and with plenty of power. For cutting and grinding, its perfect. Used it for around 20 hours in the first week.

Honorable Mentions

If you are thinking that the Metabo Grinders we rated above fail to do it for you, here are a variety of other selections that might offer a more suitable fit. There really are a lot of terrific tools out there to buy. The Grinders we ranked above are our favorites. Read on however. We listed several additional great Metabo Grinders.

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5. Metabo W24230 Angle Grinder

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The high quality Angle Grinder is second to none. It's well balanced and with plenty of power. In short, this Angle Grinder does a great job. The Metabo W24230 is a very high quality tool. This fits my hand very well and is easy to use.

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6. Metabo Angle Grinder

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The Metabo operates well as far as I can tell. I changed my rating from four to five stars after I used it. This thing has an unimaginable amount of power. It is has the perfect balance for one handed cutting. Simply the best Angle Grinder money can buy.

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7. Metabo Angle Grinder

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I wish I had bought one of these decades ago. Great Angle Grinder for my money that's for sure. It's an excellent Angle Grinder for a great price. I had no idea it was going to be this powerful. Easy to change accessories, good power & balance.