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2. Metabowerke GmbH W9115 Angle Grinder

  • (95 Points)
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Shipping was on time and packaged with care. It is easy to hang and cuts really well. I may never use my other Angle Grinder again. It works perfectly. It's well balanced and with plenty of power.

The fact is that the Metabowerke GmbH WP9115 Angle Grinder B00WJOWTKE was the Metabowerke GmbH Grinders that we rated at the top. That being said, there are a handful of other really great selections when it comes to Metabowerke GmbH Grinders. We have them for you here.

Next on our list is made by Metabowerke GmbH which is a very reputable tool brand. Metabowerke GmbH's Angle Grinders are among their top tools. I was eager to try the model W9115 and I was not disappointed!

The Metabowerke GmbH W9115 Angle Grinder, at $ is an especially excellent Grinder for the price. The Metabowerke GmbH W9115 is truly a solid alternative. Of you are uncertain about our number one selection, I would go with this Grinder.

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Metabowerke GmbH W9115 Features

Made in Germany

World Class production facilities and techniques

Absolute focus on quality by our employees at every Stage of production

Manual, Hybrid and fully automated assembly systems

German engineering and ingenuity

Aside from the selections we already included, I would definitely have a look at the WEV15-125 by Metabowerke GmbH and the Metabowerke GmbH WE15150. Both these tool manufactures are thought to be two of the leading producers of premium Grinders. both of these unique options received great customer ratings also. The Metabowerke GmbH received a user rating of 4.6/5 as compared to 4.3/5 star rating for the WE15150 by Metabowerke GmbH.

The WEV15-125 by Metabowerke GmbH offers a few really premium features such as Made in Germany. The Metabowerke GmbH WE15150 by comparison, is very competitive offering Made in Germany plus World Class production facilities and techniques.

I wouldn't hesitate to endorse both of these Metabowerke GmbH Grinders
Metabowerke GmbH WEV15-125 featured image

3. Metabowerke GmbH WEV15-125 Angle Grinder

  • (91 Points)

For most people, this tool will be more than enough. It is a great Angle Grinder for heavy duty grinding. For cutting and grinding, its perfect. I’d buy the Metabowerke GmbH WEV15-125 again, and recommend it to anyone I know. It works better than other Angle Grinders.

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4. Metabowerke GmbH WE15150 Angle Grinder

  • (50 Points)

The Angle Grinder arrived well packaged and undamaged. It's way better than my old Metabowerke GmbH grinder. This Angle Grinder is perfect for low use grinding. I recommend this for light to heavy use projects any day. I’d buy the Metabowerke GmbH WE15150 again, and recommend it to anyone I know.

Honorable Mentions

If the Metabowerke GmbH Grinders mentioned above don't cut it, we rated a variety of other choices that might fit you better. We identified numerous great Grinders throughout our review. Through in depth study and testing, the selections we reviewed earlier were our preferred Grinders. Having said that, these Grinders listed below offer several unique characteristics and are all top ranked Metabowerke GmbH Grinders.

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5. Metabowerke GmbH WEPBA17125 Angle Grinder

  • (23 Points)

The Metabowerke GmbH WEPBA17125 most definitely has good vibration dampening. So far I have been very happy with this set up. It's Metabowerke GmbH quality and should last a long time. Once again Metabowerke GmbH made another great product. Very versatile and easy to handle with one hand.

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6. Metabowerke GmbH 600453420 Die Grinder

  • (10 Points)

Definitely worth the money over the cheap ones. Very versatile and easy to handle with one hand. Whatever this Die Grinder touches, it gets rid of. The Metabowerke GmbH 600453420 operates well as far as I can tell. Fit and finish is much better than my old one.

Metabowerke GmbH 619150420 featured image

7. Metabowerke GmbH 619150420 Bench Grinder

  • (8 Points)

This lasts really long and has the most power. Definitely worth the money over the cheap ones. I'll have to get a second one for future use. I love the way this Bench Grinder feels in your hands. Once again Metabowerke GmbH made another great product.

Metabowerke GmbH 606467420 featured image

8. Metabowerke GmbH 606467420 Angle Grinder

  • (6 Points)

In short, this Angle Grinder does a great job. This is my favorite Angle Grinder. Minimal vibrations at high speeds. Very impressive Angle Grinder with many features. 5 stars all day long, you won't be disappointed.

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9. Metabowerke GmbH 613076860 Angle Grinder

  • (5 Points)

I would buy this Angle Grinder again. This Angle Grinder makes things go a lot quicker. It is a great Angle Grinder for heavy duty grinding. The Metabowerke GmbH 613076860 has plenty of power and is easy to control. I use it a lot more than I had thought I would.

Metabowerke GmbH 600549420 featured image

10. Metabowerke GmbH 600549420 Angle Grinder

  • (2 Points)

Best Angle Grinder you can possibly buy in its class. Had better luck with it than the other brands. All the grinders we use at my shop are now Metabowerke GmbH. I didn't realize how smooth a grinder could be. I would definitely purchase this Angle Grinder again.