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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Straight Grinders Available Today
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2. Ingersoll-Rand 308B Die Grinder

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It's an excellent Die Grinder for a great price. I would definitely say this product is worth it. This is exactly what I was looking for. This thing has an unimaginable amount of power. Great Die Grinder for my money that's for sure.

The fact is that the Dewalt DWMT70783 Die Grinder B00OK3TX38 was the Straight Grinders that we ranked most highly. Having said that, there were a few other truly premium quality Straight Grinders we wanted to show you here that just barely fell short.

Next up is made by Ingersoll-Rand which is a very trusted tool brand. Ingersoll-Rand's Die Grinders are one of their top products. It was great to test the 308B. I was very happy using this tool!

The model 308B Die Grinder by Ingersoll-Rand, at $69.71 is a particularly exceptional Grinder for the money. The Ingersoll-Rand 308B is really a sound option. Of you are unsure about our number one selection, I would go with this Grinder.

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Ingersoll-Rand 308B Features

A general purpose tool designed for porting, light weld grinding, and breaking sharp edges

Ball bearing construction for longer tool life

Self-locking throttle lever

Positive grip collet chuck

Built-in lubricating wick increases angle gear life

Powerful motor delivers 0.33 HP (0.25 kW) and 25,000 rpm free speed

Durable ball-bearing construction improves balance, reduces vibration, and ensures a longer life

The Campbell Hausfeld XT250000 and the WP01113 are well worth a look also. Both tool manufacturers are famous for their top quality Grinders. Both tools are highly rated also. The Campbell Hausfeld advertises a rating of 4.1/5 as compared to 4.5/5 star rating given to the WP01113 .

The XT250000 by Campbell Hausfeld comes with several features you wont experience on other similar Die Grinders. For example The straight Die grinder (XT250000) boasts a 25, 000 free speed RPM and a .2 horsepower motor to move material quickly and efficiently. The WP01113 although, is very competitive offering 【Supports narrow jobs】This mold grinder has a free speed of up to 25,000, small size and high power, making it suitable for working in tight spaces and even 【More precise】Right-angle design for reaching tight or angled grinding jobs. 0Adjustable power regulators and radial runouts of less than 0.15 mm make operation more precise and work more efficient.

I can easily suggest both of these Straight Grinders
Campbell Hausfeld XT250000 featured image

3. Campbell Hausfeld XT250000 Die Grinder

  • (60 Points)

I have been extremely pleased with this Die Grinder's power. I'm a demanding user and I would buy it again. I use it for all house projects. It is has the perfect balance for one handed cutting. Minimal vibrations at high speeds.

WP01113  featured image

4. WP01113 Die Grinder

  • (57 Points)

Cuts like butter, very easy and accurate control. I have a number of WP01113 woodworking tools. This is a solid, well made, well engineered tool. I use it a lot more than I had thought I would. Strongest Die Grinder WP01113 has to offer.

Honorable Mentions

We found a handful more fantastic Straight Grinders on Amazon. Listed here are a few to select from if the options above might not meet your needs. There really are a lot of terrific choices on the market to pick from. With detailed research and testing, the options we reviewed earlier are our favorites. That doesn't mean there aren't several additional fantastic Straight Grinders.

SHININGEYES GAOA13-45 featured image

5. SHININGEYES GAOA13-45 Die Grinder

  • (45 Points)

Highly recommended for home use and contractors. Very impressive Die Grinder with many features. I would definitely purchase this Die Grinder again. It is portable, so I can use it on some tight places. It works better than other Die Grinders.

Sunex International SX2PK featured image

6. Sunex International SX2PK Die Grinder

  • (37 Points)

Nice model with lots of power and surface area. Another solid tool for my Sunex International collection. I found the guard easy to adjust. It's Sunex International quality and should last a long time. It is REALLY POWERFUL, and also REALLY GREAT.

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7. Sealey Die Grinder

  • (33 Points)

I have cut metal, cement boards and concrete. This fits my hand very well and is easy to use. The Sealey has been a life saver for me. I have not had a single issue with power at all. Excellent Die Grinder and you get what you paid for.

AIRCAT 6201 featured image

8. AIRCAT 6201 Die Grinder

  • (27 Points)

Very impressive Die Grinder with many features. This is the latest in my AIRCAT items. It's AIRCAT quality and should last a long time. This Die Grinder makes things go a lot quicker. Has an easy to adjust blade/wheel guard.

Metabo DG 25 Set featured image

9. Metabo DG 25 Set Die Grinder

  • (22 Points)

I use it a lot more than I had thought I would. No major issue that can really hurt. Its features were the selling points to me. The Metabo DG 25 Set most definitely has good vibration dampening. Used it for around 20 hours in the first week.

Netmagic 2486-20 featured image

10. Netmagic 2486-20 Die Grinder

  • (17 Points)

Fit and finish is much better than my old one. For most people, this tool will be more than enough. The high quality Die Grinder is second to none. The Netmagic 2486-20 has been a life saver for me. For most people, this tool will be more than enough.