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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Tormek Grinders Available Today
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2. Tormek TOR-BCT4 Bench Grinder

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I now know why this Bench Grinder is so popular. The Bench Grinder arrived well packaged and undamaged. Highly recommended for home use and contractors. It is REALLY POWERFUL, and also REALLY GREAT. It works better than other Bench Grinders.

It's true that the TORMEK T-8 Bench Grinder B01FHLUMSQ was the Tormek Grinders that we ranked most highly. With that said, there are a handful of other superb alternatives when it comes to Tormek Grinders. We have them for you here.

Next on our list is built by Tormek known to be a very reputable tool supplier. Tormek's Bench Grinders are great as well. It was terrific to try the TOR-BCT4. I was very happy with this tool!

The Tormek TOR-BCT4 Bench Grinder, at $456.00 is a particularly exceptional Grinder for the money. The Tormek TOR-BCT4 is really a solid alternative. Of you are unsure about our number one selection, I'd suggest you choose this Grinder.

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Tormek TOR-BCT4 Features

Tormek T4 bushcraft is prepared for nature. Sharpen your knives and axes like a professional

The dual grit sharpening stone turns at just the right speed - 120 RPM. This allows your tools and knives to be honed to the perfect edge without overheating. Jigs are locked in and rock solid for consistent and repeatable results on the universal support arm

Sharpen a wide variety of outdoor knives, hunting knives, fishing knives, and different types of axes

The t-4 bushcraft has a solid cast frame of zinc, In which the machine's main components are housed in

Tormek believes this product will last for years and we offer a 7 year warranty

Tormek has a complete line of additional jigs and attachments that will make your T4 bushcraft edition a sharpening workhorse for years to come

Warning: THIS machine operates at 115 volts and is designed to work exclusively in North America. Please be aware that if you plan to use this product in a country that operates at 220 – 240V, you will burn out the motor and damage the machine.

The bushcraft Package includes: svm-45 knife sharpening Jig and sva-170 Axe sharpening Jig. No knives or axes are included with purchase.

In addition to the tools we researched above, I would evaluate the TOR-TBU804 by Tormek and the TOR-TBW802 by Tormek. Both Tormek and Tormek are considered two of the top manufacturers of superior Grinders. Each of these two options received exceptional end user ratings also. Users awarded the Tormek an rating on average of 4.8/5 stars. Compare that to the Tormek TOR-TBW802 that holds an average rating of 5.0/5 stars.

The Tormek TOR-TBU804 offers a few very choice features including THE “ULTIMATE” DREAM SHARPENING SYSTEM – this features our finest water cooled sharpening system (the T-8), along with 14 jigs and accessories that woodworkers will find indispensable, including the planer blade attachment. It’s the top value in tool sharpening. The Tormek TOR-TBW802 however, is very competitive featuring Metal and even Imported.

Each of these two options are an outstanding decision for someone whose in the market for Tormek Grinders
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3. Tormek TOR-TBU804 Bench Grinder

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I love the way this Bench Grinder feels in your hands. I'm a demanding user and I would buy it again. I had no idea it was going to be this powerful. I have used it several times and it is powerful. The Tormek TOR-TBU804 has been a life saver for me.

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4. Tormek TOR-TBW802 Bench Grinder

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Has an easy to adjust blade/wheel guard. No major issue that can really hurt. Still the best Bench Grinder I ever owned. It is easy to hang and cuts really well. Tormek's Bench Grinder did not disappoint.

Honorable Mentions

If the Tormek Grinders mentioned above don't do it for you, we have several additional choices that may likely better match your needs. We found numerous fantastic Grinders during the course of our investigation. The Grinders we rated above are the best we could find. That being said, these Grinders listed below offer a number of unique characteristics on top of the fact that they are each top rated Tormek Grinders.

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5. Tormek TOR-TBP805 Bench Grinder

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This is a solid, well made, well engineered tool. This lasts really long and has the most power. This Bench Grinder makes things go a lot quicker. Fit and finish is much better than my old one. I have been extremely pleased with this Bench Grinder's power.

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6. Tormek T7HTN Bench Grinder

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It works perfectly. All the grinders we use at my shop are now Tormek. The Tormek T7HTN has plenty of power and is easy to control. I now know why this Bench Grinder is so popular. I may never use my other Bench Grinder again.