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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Variable Speed Grinders Available Today
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2. Delta Power Equipment Corporation 23-196 Bench Grinder

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Easy to assemble and easy to use. It is has the perfect balance for one handed cutting. This Bench Grinder works very well. I'll have to get a second one for future use. Very good Bench Grinder, highly recommended.

The WEN 4280 Bench Grinder B01M9FVT0W was really our favorite Variable Speed Grinders. With that said, there are a few other really great alternatives when it comes to Variable Speed Grinders. We have the best of them in this article.

Delta Power Equipment Corporation is yet another top manufacturer of Grinders. They produce the tool next up on our lineup. Delta Power Equipment Corporation's Bench Grinders are also top quality. It was fantastic to check out the 23-196. I was very pleased with this tool!

The Delta Power Equipment Corporation 23-196 Bench Grinder, at $82.79 is an especially exceptional Grinder for the money. The Delta Power Equipment Corporation 23-196 is truly a sound option. Of you are uncertain about our number one selection, I'd advise to select this Grinder.

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Delta Power Equipment Corporation 23-196 Features


variable speed control offering you convenience and versatility in your grinding, sharpening, buffing and polishing operations

Upfront variable speed dial allows you to easily control speeds from 2,000 RPM to 3,400 RPM

Features a 2 1/2 Amp induction-type motor for powerful performance

Incorporates two different grits for sharpening and grinding

The left tool rest has a drill bit rest milled into the surface so you'll get the correct angle on the tip at all times

Aside from the option we already covered, I would definitely take a look at the DCG426B by DEWALT and the Astro Pneumatic APT-218. Both DEWALT and Astro Pneumatic are considered some of the premier manufacturers of premium Grinders. both of these particular options received great user ratings also. Users awarded the DCG426B an score on average of 4.9/5 stars. You can liken that to the APT-218 that boasts an average rating of 4.7/5 stars.

The DCG426B by DEWALT gives some very premium features like Brushless motor requires no brush changes. The Astro Pneumatic APT-218 although, is tough to beat featuring Lightweight and ideal for tight spots and even Twist throttle provides variable speed control.

I would be eager to suggest either of these Variable Speed Grinders
DEWALT DCG426B featured image

3. DEWALT DCG426B Die Grinder

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5 stars all day long, you won't be disappointed. Easy to change accessories, good power & balance. Still the best Die Grinder I ever owned. This is a good tool and an excellent item. It's DEWALT quality and should last a long time.

Astro Pneumatic APT-218 featured image

4. Astro Pneumatic APT-218 Die Grinder

  • (318 Points)

I’d buy the Astro Pneumatic APT-218 again, and recommend it to anyone I know. It's always something I look forward to using. Cuts like butter, very easy and accurate control. Good quality pDie Grinder and has worked well so far. It's an excellent Die Grinder for a great price.

Honorable Mentions

If you are thinking that the Variable Speed Grinders mentioned above fail to cut it, we have several alternative options that may likely offer a more suitable fit. It's true that there are a number of excellent options out there to buy. With in depth research and assessments, the selections we reviewed earlier were our preferred Grinders. However, these Grinders listed below offer a few distinct characteristics on top of the fact that they are each top ranked Variable Speed Grinders.

Makita 9565CV featured image

5. Makita 9565CV Angle Grinder

  • (179 Points)

I had no idea it was going to be this powerful. Strongest Angle Grinder Makita has to offer. Strongest Angle Grinder Makita has to offer. It provides more than enough power for my needs. I have not had a single issue with power at all.

Ridgerock Tools Inc. 10207A featured image

6. Ridgerock Tools Inc. 10207A Bench Grinder

  • (140 Points)

Easy to assemble and easy to use. It works better than other Bench Grinders. It's well balanced and with plenty of power. It is REALLY POWERFUL, and also REALLY GREAT. The Bench Grinder arrived well packaged and undamaged.

Makita GD0800C featured image

7. Makita GD0800C Die Grinder

  • (125 Points)

All in all, this is a great tool for the price. The Die Grinder arrived well packaged and undamaged. It works perfectly. The high quality Die Grinder is second to none. I use it for all house projects.

Makita 9564CV featured image

8. Makita 9564CV Angle Grinder

  • (124 Points)

Another solid tool for my Makita collection. This allows more amps to flow at a faster rate. I have been extremely pleased with this Angle Grinder's power. I'm pleased with it after several hours of use. Used it for around 20 hours in the first week.

Metabowerke GmbH WEV15-125 featured image

9. Metabowerke GmbH WEV15-125 Angle Grinder

  • (91 Points)

Nice model with lots of power and surface area. This is a solid, well made, well engineered tool. Very versatile and easy to handle with one hand. Very good Angle Grinder, highly recommended. I found the guard easy to adjust.

Bosch GWS13-50VSP featured image

10. Bosch GWS13-50VSP Angle Grinder

  • (83 Points)

Definitely worth the money over the cheap ones. Its many features are worth the price alone. I recommend this for light to heavy use projects any day. I have been extremely pleased with this Angle Grinder's power. This is my favorite Angle Grinder.