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2. Scheppach 70-305 Wood Lathe

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I couldn’t be more happy with this Wood Lathe . I recommend that beginners buy this Wood Lathe. I am a hobbyist and this Wood Lathe is great. The machine is quiet and smooth as silk. I am a seasoned woodworker and it impressed me.

The Scheppach 70220VSR Wood Lathe B00SOR476O was really our favorite Scheppach Lathes. However, there were a range of other truly high quality Scheppach Lathes worth showcasing here that barely fell short.

Next up is built by Scheppach known to be a very highly regarded tool supplier. Scheppach's Wood Lathes are great as well. I was excited to try out the model 70-305 and I was not disappointed!

The model 70-305 Wood Lathe by Scheppach, at $2495.00 is a particularly excellent Lathe for the price. If you unsure about our top selection, I'd consider the Scheppach 70-305 next. It's a top quality tool at a good price.

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Scheppach 70-305 Features

Powerful 1-1/2HP, TEFC motor handles any heavy turning job

Big 16" Swing over the bed and 42" maximum spindle turning length capacity

Variable speed range from 0 to 3,200 RPM handles all the sppeds needed for turning and finishing

36 Index positions are possible for securing the spindle for decorating turnings