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2. Shop Fox W1758 Wood Lathe

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Larger clearance than most comparable models. This is my first Wood Lathe. I'm glad I looked a bit more before purchasing another model. Perfect for what I wanted it and needed it for. Arrived with all accessories as advertised.

It's true that the Shop Fox W1704 Wood Lathe B001R23SWW was the Shop Fox Lathes that we graded the highest. That doesn't mean there aren't a few other fantastic selections when it comes down to Shop Fox Lathes. We have them for you here.

Shop Fox is an additional major maker of Lathes. They produce the tool that is next on our lineup. Shop Fox's Wood Lathes are one of their top products. I was ready to try the model W1758 and I was not disappointed!

The model W1758 Wood Lathe by Shop Fox, at $832.49 is a particularly great Lathe for the price. The Shop Fox W1758 is truly a solid option. Of you are uncertain about our top pick, I would select this Lathe.

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Shop Fox W1758 Features

Motor: 2 HP, 110V, single-phase

Heavy-duty, precision ground cast iron bed and cast iron legs ensure stability and minimal vibration

Lever speed adjustment, 10 speeds: 600 - 2400 RPM

Quick lock/release levers for tailstock and headstock; 0 Degree, 60 Degree, 90 Degree, 120 Degree and 180 Degree headstock rotation

Includes: 6-Inch faceplate, MT#2 spur center, MT#2 live center and tool rest w/ swivel arm base

Besides the option we covered already, I would definitely have a look at the M1015 by Shop Fox and the M1049 by Shop Fox. Both Shop Fox and Shop Fox are thought to be some of the best suppliers of premium Lathes. both of these particular options received fantastic user ratings also. The M1015 advertises a rating of 3.1/5 when contrasted against the 4.1/5 star rating given to the M1049 by Shop Fox.

The Shop Fox M1015 comes with a couple of features you might not get on other similar Metal Lathe. For example 4 hex wrenches, 100-2000 RPM spindle speed:. The M1049 by Shop Fox by comparison, is very competitive offering Six-speed lathe for a wide range of projects and even Speeds from 130-2,000 RPM.

Either of these couple choices make a superb choice if you're in the market for Shop Fox Lathes
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3. Shop Fox M1015 Metal Lath

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Now that it is all together and working I love it. Now that it is all together and working I love it. I absolutely love my new Metal Lath! I think this is a good value for what I needed. Like several other owners, I love this Metal Lath.

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4. Shop Fox M1049 Metal Lath

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Now that it is all together and working I love it. The Metal Lath was delivered in great shape . The finish on the cast iron is really great. Easy installation and fit, works like a champ. Very quiet as well.