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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated WMH Tool Group Milling Machines Available Today
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2. WMH Tool Group 690006 Milling Machine

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My Milling Machine arrived in perfect shape. I use it to design and create. I worried about the price until I used it. The motor is heavier duty than I expected. At this price point there is nothing better.

The WMH Tool Group 350014 Milling Machine B0009H5TA0 was our preferred WMH Tool Group Milling Machines. Having said that, there were a range of other truly premium WMH Tool Group Milling Machines we wanted to show you here that barely fell short.

Next up is manufactured by WMH Tool Group which is a very credible tool manufacturer. WMH Tool Group's Milling Machines are one of their premier offerings. It was fantastic to try the 690006. I was very happy using this tool!

The WMH Tool Group 690006 Milling Machine, at $8799.00 is a particularly excellent Milling Machine for the money. The WMH Tool Group 690006 is really a solid alternative. Of you are unsure about our top selection, I'd suggest you select this Milling Machine.

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WMH Tool Group 690006 Features

X-axis powerfeed installed

2HP, 1Ph, 115/230V motor (Prewired 230V)

12.25" of ram travel

Collet capacity is 1/8-7/8 inches

8 spindle speeds ranging from 80-2720 RPM