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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated 20V Nailers Available Today
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2. DEWALT DCN680B Brad Nailer

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I highly recommend the tool and company. I've tried Dewalt, Milwaukee, and senco. In the end, you may never need another. You really can't go wrong for the price. Looking forward to many years of use.

The PORTER-CABLE PCC790B Brad Nailer B017NJMQES was undoubtedly our preferred 20V Nailers. With that said, there are a few other fantastic selections when it comes to 20V Nailers. We have the best of them in this article.

DEWALT is yet another leading manufacturer of Nailers. They build the tool next up on our list. DEWALT's Brad Nailers are among their leading offerings. It was terrific to check out the DCN680B. I was very pleased using this tool!

This Brad Nailer is merely $. That is a terrific deal for a superior Nailer like the DCN680B by DEWALT. If you not sure about our top choice, I'd look into the DEWALT DCN680B next. It's a first class tool at a terrific price.

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DEWALT DCN680B Features

100% battery powered. Eliminates the hassle of using gas, compressor, and hose

Brushless motor maximizes runtime and durability

Micro nose improves line of sight and accuracy of nail placement (Compared to DEWALT DC608)

Tool-free depth adjustment for precise countersinking of nails

Tool-free jam release to quickly and easily clear nail jams

In addition to the selections we researched above, I would definitely evaluate the DCN680D1 by DEWALT and the K I M O. . Both tool brands are well known for their premium quality Nailers. Each of these distinct options enjoy terrific customer reviews also. The DEWALT boasts a rating of 4.7/5 when compared to 4.7/5 star rating given to the K I M O. .

The DEWALT DCN680D1 comes with a couple of features you might not experience on other similar Finish Nailers. For example 100% battery powered. Eliminates the hassle of using gas, compressor, and hose. The by K I M O. although, is tough to beat with 【2-IN-1 Tool】No cords, no limits! KIMO cordless brad nailer proves that you don’t need noisy air compressor or tangles of hose anymore to drive brads like a pro. KIMO only designs the best nail guns and makes it possible for you to have both nailing and stapling function simultaneously at a modest price. (Suitable for 18 GA nails: 3/4’’to 2’’, and 18 GA staples: 3/4’’to 1-5/8’’) plus 【Dual Modes & Convenient Operation】Easily alternate between sequential and contact-actuation with our dual-mode toggle switch, which means you can fire a single brad with each trigger squeeze or a series of them by bumping the contact element at a speed of 80 nails/min. Adjust firing depth with the rotation knob at the top of the gun, making it ideal for a wide range of materials and different needs in nailing..

Each of these two choices make an outstanding decision for someone whose in the market for 20V Nailers
DEWALT DCN680D1 featured image

3. DEWALT DCN680D1 Finish Nailer

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It is quieter than most others. Works just fine and I would buy it again. High quality, easy to load and use. This is simply an awesome Finish Nailer. The Finish Nailer works as advertised.

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4. K I M O. Brad Nailer

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Works just fine and I would buy it again. The more I use it the more I like it. I am really pleased with this nailer. High quality, easy to load and use. The device doesn't need time to cool down.

Honorable Mentions

If you are thinking that the 20V Nailers above don't meet your needs, we rated a variety of other selections that may better fit your needs. We identified quite a few terrific Nailers during our investigation. The Nailers we evaluated above are the best we could find. Having said that, these Nailers shown below offer several distinct characteristics and are each premium 20V Nailers.

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5. Craftsman CMCN618C1 Brad Nailer

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I love it because the Craftsman CMCN618C1 is really powerful. I've owned a couple of Brad Nailer in the past. This Brad Nailer is easy to load and use. A great addition to my Craftsman toolset. Made my project very quick and easy.

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6. DEWALT DCN692B Framing Nailer

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It leaves very small holes, NO DENTS. The more I use it the more I like it. It's perfect for what I needed it for. You really can't go wrong for the price. Delivery was as expected and on time.

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7. DEWALT Finish Nailer

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I am very happy with this purchase. The DEWALT has worked great. Recommended for pallet deconstruction or anything. Very powerful in various ways. I'm a contractor, and I like this Finish Nailer.

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8. PORTER-CABLE PCC792LA Finish Nailer

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I should have bought this Finish Nailer years ago. Finish Nailer is very light for all-day use. Happy with the product and delivery. It is an awesome gun. This is a bargain at the price I paid.

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9. DEWALT DCN692M1 Framing Nailer

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Keep up the great work DEWALT! This little Framing Nailer saved me so much time. It seems to be heavy duty. Absolutely thrilled about this Framing Nailer. It fires without much recoil, if any.

PORTER-CABLE PCC792B featured image

10. PORTER-CABLE PCC792B Finish Nailer

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I love it because the PORTER-CABLE PCC792B is really powerful. I've owned a couple of Finish Nailer in the past. It fires without much recoil if any. It is an awesome gun. Great product, powerful enough for everything I need.