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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Trim Nailers Available Today
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2. Prime Global Products 23443323457 Brad Nailer

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I have never had a jam or misfire yet. Works just fine and I would buy it again. Overall it's a nice Brad Nailer for the price. Lightweight and easy to carry around. Love this and would purchase it again.

The NuMax SFN64 Finish Nailer B0032JTDQS was undoubtedly our favorite Trim Nailers. That being said, there are a handful of other fantastic options when it comes down to Trim Nailers. We have them for you here.

Prime Global Products is another leading producer of Nailers. They make the tool that is next on our lineup. Prime Global Products's Brad Nailers are also top quality. I was eager to try out the model 23443323457 and I was not let down!

The Prime Global Products 23443323457 Brad Nailer, at $ is an especially exceptional Nailer for the price. The Prime Global Products 23443323457 is truly a solid alternative. Of you are unsure about our top pick, I'd advise to opt for this Nailer.

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Prime Global Products 23443323457 Features

It's ideal for decorative trim, chair rail, baseboards, window casing, and shoe and crown moulding

It's useful for a wide range of projects

This nailer can use two types of fasteners – 18 gauge brad nails and 18 gauge 1/4 inch narrow crown staple

In addition to the option we reviewed above, I would check out the PGP P4FRFNCB and the SP123 by NuMax. Both PGP and NuMax are thought to be a couple of the leading makers of quality Nailers. both of these two options earned exceptional customer reviews also. Genuine customers awarded the PGP an score on average of 4.6/5 stars. Contrast that to the NuMax SP123 that holds an average score of 4.3/5 stars.

The P4FRFNCB by PGP gives a few really choice features like Powerful Combo: This kit features 4 of Freeman's most useful pneumatic nailers to cover all your framing and finishing needs: a framing nailer, a finish nailer, a straight brad nailer, and a narrow crown stapler. The kit includes a rugged canvas carrying bag.. The NuMax SP123 although, is very competitive featuring Nailed It: This pneumatic pinner uses 23 gauge headless pin nails ranging from 1/2" to 1", and features a lightweight and durable aluminum body, ergonomic grip handle, reversible belt hook and trigger with a safety mechanism that prevents accidental firing. and even Safety and Precision Design: This micro pin nail gun is ideal for custom applications like crafts, tracking decorative trim, small picture frames, hobby work, jewelry cases, moulding and much more. It features a pin size selector, anti-dust cap, and ergonomic comfort grip..

Both of these two options are a superb option if you're in the market for Trim Nailers
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3. PGP P4FRFNCB Finish Nailer

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This is working really well so far. Not a single nail didn't go all the way in. Fully responsive and no misfires. I love it because the PGP P4FRFNCB is really powerful. This is simply an awesome Finish Nailer.

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4. NuMax SP123 Pinner

  • (342 Points)

It is quieter than most others. This is a pretty good bang for the buck. Happy with the product and delivery. Delivery was as expected and on time. It's solid and performs without issues.

Honorable Mentions

There are a few more exceptional Trim Nailers on Amazon. Here are a number to choose from if the tools above don't meet your needs. We found quite a few superb Nailers during the course of our research. The Nailers we graded above are the best we could find. However, the Nailers listed below offer a number of distinct features on top of the fact that they are each highly rated Trim Nailers.

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5. NuMax SBR50 Brad Nailer

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This is simply an awesome Brad Nailer. The Brad Nailer works as advertised. Brad Nailer is very light for all-day use. The more I use it the more I like it. Excellent shipping time, packaged well.

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6. Valu-Air T64C Finish Nailer

  • (261 Points)

The device doesn't need time to cool down. Very handy for woodworking. Overall it's a nice Finish Nailer for the price. This is a solidly above-average Finish Nailer. I went through 500 nails quickly.

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7. NEU MASTER Brad Nailer

  • (207 Points)

I am very pleased with this Brad Nailer. I am very pleased with this Brad Nailer. Overall, great price and great product! In the end, you may never need another. The device doesn't need time to cool down.

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8. Freeman Pneumatics PP123 Pinner

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This is a bargain at the price I paid. Much better than the one I had before. The brand new Pinner works fine. Never used a tool like this before. This is simply an awesome Pinner.

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9. Prime Global Products PP13823 Finish Nailer

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The Finish Nailer works as advertised. I am really pleased with this nailer. This is simply an awesome Finish Nailer. It's not too heavy that it is a burden. The brand new Finish Nailer works fine.

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10. Valu-Air 43237-2 Brad Nailer

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This is simply an awesome Brad Nailer. Keep up the great work Valu-Air! I've tried Dewalt, Milwaukee, and senco. Not a single nail didn't go all the way in. Overall, great price and great product!