Top 10 Best 16 Gauge Nibblers

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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated 16 Gauge Nibblers Available Today
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2. Makita XNJ01Z Nibbler

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Ok seriously, it's a great tool. Perfect for cutting shapes and circles. It's Makita what else needs to be said. Built for professionals and hobbyists. I was amazed how fast this thing cuts.

It's true that the Makita JN1601 Nibbler B000TKRLS0 was the 16 Gauge Nibblers that we ranked the highest. Even so, there were a handful of other very high quality 16 Gauge Nibblers we wanted to showcase here that just barely missed first place.

The next in our tool break down is made by Makita known to be a very respectable tool brand. Makita's Nibblers are among their top offerings. I was excited to try out the model XNJ01Z and I was not disappointed!

The Makita XNJ01Z Nibbler, at $322.42 is an especially great Nibbler for the money. The Makita XNJ01Z is definitely a solid alternative. Of you are uncertain about our top choice, I would choose this Nibbler.

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Makita XNJ01Z Features

Makita-built motor delivers 1, 900 SPM for fast and smooth cutting

Ideal for cutting roofing sheet metal at thicknesses up to 16 gauge

Die holder rotates 360Degree to meet demands of cutting Direction

Convenient chip disposal is below cutting material to minimize damage to cutting surface

Cutting radius: inner edge 1-3/4"; outer edge 2"

Apart from the tools we reviewed above, I would definitely check out the Koki Holdings America CN16SAM and the T23085 by Grizzly. Both tool brands are well known for their top quality Nibblers. both of these distinct tools earned exceptional buyer reviews as well. Users gave the CN16SAM an score on average of 4.4/5 stars. You can liken that to the Grizzly T23085 that boasts an average score of 4.4/5 stars.

The Koki Holdings America CN16SAM provides some very choice features like Same tools New name Hitachi Power Tools has renamed to Metabo HPT. The T23085 by Grizzly however, is hard to beat featuring Cuts up to 16 ga steel and even Package dimensions: 4.3" x 8.7" x 1.9".

Both of these couple tools are an excellent choice for someone whose in the market for 16 Gauge Nibblers
Koki Holdings America CN16SAM featured image

3. Koki Holdings America CN16SAM Nibbler

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Metal is left smooth instead of rough. A great value for the price. Koki Holdings America quality always impresses! I like how solid the Nibbler is. I should of gotten this years ago.

Grizzly T23085 featured image

4. Grizzly T23085 Nibbler

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I am very impressed with product. I have used this Nibbler many times. Pretty good easy to make turns. I love the Grizzly T23085. Much better than my Milwakee Nibbler.

Honorable Mentions

We found a few more terrific 16 Gauge Nibblers on Amazon. Here are several to pick from if the selections above might not meet your needs. We identified quite a few fantastic Nibblers during the course of our research. The Nibblers we graded above are the best we could find. That doesn't mean there aren't several additional fantastic 16 Gauge Nibblers.

Canadian Tool and Supply AN-16 featured image

5. Canadian Tool and Supply AN-16 Nibbler

  • (26 Points)

Cuts through metal quickly with no issues. I am very impressed with product. This works great on any gauge steel! Great tool, just as described. Also works well cutting vinyl.

Chicago Pneumatic CP835 featured image

6. Chicago Pneumatic CP835 Nibbler

  • (13 Points)

This Nibbler is a true beast. Makes for a professional finish. It eats 16 gauge sheets like butter. My roofing installation went flawless. Overall, very happy with this Nibbler!

DEWALT DW9052 featured image

7. DEWALT DW9052 Nibbler

  • (9 Points)

Plan to design projects around this tool. Nice addition to my arsenal of DEWALT tools. This is an essential tool for everyone. WORKS JUST LIKE IT'S SUPPOSED TO. Job done quickly, easily and accurately.

Bosch 1530 featured image

8. Bosch 1530 Nibbler

  • (8 Points)

My only regret is I didn't buy it sooner. Overall, very happy with this Nibbler! I did a metal roof with it. Have a couple tools from Bosch, and I like them! Makes for a professional finish.

Central Pnuematic 96651 featured image

9. Central Pnuematic 96651 Nibbler

  • (7 Points)

A great value for the price. Built for professionals and hobbyists. Great tool, just as described. It is a great tool for what I do! The Central Pnuematic 96651 is very well made and powerful.

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10. Eastwood Nibbler

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Eastwood quality always impresses! This is a very high quality tool. It's Eastwood what else needs to be said. I would recommend this Nibbler. A great tool and worth every penny.