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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Grex Power Tools Pinners Available Today
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2. Grex Power Tools P650L Pinner

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Absolutely thrilled about this Pinner. It is an awesome gun. Makes quick work and is very helpful. The brand new Pinner works fine. The Grex Power Tools P650L is easy to learn and use.

The Grex Power Tools P635 Pinner B000FP8NH2 was undoubtedly our favorite Grex Power Tools Pinners. Nevertheless, there were a range of other very premium Grex Power Tools Pinners we wanted to showcase here that barely fell short.

Grex Power Tools is another leading manufacturer of Pinners. They build the tool next up on our lineup. Grex Power Tools's Pinners are great as well. It was fantastic to try the P650L. I was very pleased with this tool!

This Pinner is merely $291.78. That is a fantastic deal for a superior Pinner like the P650L by Grex Power Tools. If you not sure about our number one choice, I'd look into the Grex Power Tools P650L next. It's a top quality tool at a great price.

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Grex Power Tools P650L Features

Lock-out mechanism that prevents dry-firing of tool

Shoots fasteners up to 2-inch length easily, even in hardwoods

Patented magazine design eliminates need to adjust for different fastener lengths

Powerful motor penetrates fasteners through the hardest materials

Narrow nose reaches tight areas and corners for detailed trim work

Apart from the selections we already covered, I would definitely check out the P650 by Grex Power Tools and the P645 by Grex Power Tools. Both these tool manufactures are thought to be a couple of the best makers of premium Pinners. Each of these particular tools enjoy terrific end user reviews as well. Customers awarded the P650 an average score of 3.9/5 stars. You can compare that to the Grex Power Tools P645 which holds an average score of 5.0/5 stars.

The P650 by Grex Power Tools comes with a couple of features you might not get on other similar Pinners. For example 23 Gauge headless pins, fastener range: 3/8" - 2" (12mm - 50mm). The Grex Power Tools P645 by comparison, is very competitive offering Powerful motor penetrates fasteners through the hardest materials plus Shoots fasteners up to 1-3/4-Inch length easily, even in hardwoods.

Each of these two choices are a fantastic choice for someone whose in the market for Grex Power Tools Pinners
Grex Power Tools P650 featured image

3. Grex Power Tools P650 Pinner

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I like it and I'm thoroughly impressed. Happy with the product and delivery. No issues at all, happy I bought it. This is a bargain at the price I paid. It makes the process way, way faster.

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4. Grex Power Tools P645 Pinner

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This little Pinner saved me so much time. Does not split trim, jam, or misfire. I'm a novice when it comes to Pinner. It is an awesome gun. Pinner is very light for all-day use.