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2. Freeman Pneumatics PP123 Pinner

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Excellent shipping time, packaged well. The more I use it the more I like it. I'm in love with this thing already. Never used a tool like this before. An affordable Pinner that works well.

The fact is that the NuMax SP123 Pinner B0032JTDQI was the Pneumatic Pinners that we graded the highest. However, there were several other really premium quality Pneumatic Pinners worth showcasing here that just barely missed first place.

Freeman Pneumatics is another top maker of Pinners. They build the tool that is next on our rundown. Freeman Pneumatics's Pinners are no exception. It was fantastic to try out the PP123. I was very happy with this tool!

This Pinner is merely $44.55. That is a great deal for a premium Pinner like the PP123 by Freeman Pneumatics. If you uncertain about our top selection, I'd check out the Freeman Pneumatics PP123 next. It's a premium quality tool at a great price.

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Freeman Pneumatics PP123 Features

Nailed It: This pneumatic pinner uses 23 gauge headless pin nails ranging from 1/2" to 1". It features a lightweight and durable aluminum body, ergonomic grip handle, reversible belt hook, and trigger with a safety mechanism that prevents accidental firing.

Safety and Precision Design: This pinner is ideal for custom applications like crafts, tacking decorative trim, small picture frames, hobby work, jewelry cases, and molding. It features a pin size selector, air filter / anti-dust cap, and ergonomic comfort grip handle.

The Right Tool for the Job: We're committed to providing outstanding value, top tier customer service and long lasting, high quality products. We make nailers and staplers for every purpose, from roofing to siding to flooring and everything in between.

Quality and Durability: We manufacture tools with the most durable materials under strict quality control guidelines, suitable for professional contractors and do-it-yourselfers alike. Our tools are sold, distributed, serviced, and warrantied in the USA.

Tough and Dependable: We make an array of durable construction tools and accessories, including staplers and nailers for siding, flooring, framing, finish, and roofing. Compare our products to similar items by Makita, Hitachi, Bostitch, Senco, Paslode, and Dewalt.

Besides the tools we covered already, I would definitely have a look at the Valu-Air and the Guangdong Meite Mechanical Co. MeiteP630C. Both Valu-Air and Guangdong Meite Mechanical Co. are famous for their high quality Pinners. Both tools are highly rated also. The Valu-Air advertises a user rating of 4.3/5 when compared to 4.2/5 star rating for the Guangdong Meite Mechanical Co. MeiteP630C.

The Valu-Air has several features you might not get on competing Pinners. For example Nail length selector that adjusts to 1/2", 5/8", 3/4",7/8" and 1" lengths for use on a wide variety of projects. The MeiteP630C by Guangdong Meite Mechanical Co. however, is very competitive offering [Comfortable] Light in weight and well-balanced, ergonomically designed and even [Easier Operation] Make use of a spring cushion in the design of the trigger for easier operation.

I can easily recommend either of these Pneumatic Pinners
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3. Valu-Air Pinner

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Never used a tool like this before. I've tried Dewalt, Milwaukee, and senco. No misfiring in the trimming. It's perfect for what I needed it for. It seems to be about 95% or so metal.

Guangdong Meite Mechanical Co. MeiteP630C featured image

4. Guangdong Meite Mechanical Co. MeiteP630C Pinner

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It's solid and performs without issues. No issues at all, happy I bought it. Love this and would purchase it again. This is a solidly above-average Pinner. I should have bought this Pinner years ago.

Honorable Mentions

If the Pneumatic Pinners above don't do it for you, we have a handful of other options that may better fit your needs. We identified numerous superb Pinners during our review. Using meticulous study and assessments, the selections we reviewed earlier are our preferred Pinners. Having said that, these Pinners shown below offer some unique characteristics on top of the fact that they are all highly rated Pneumatic Pinners.

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5. FTVOGUE FTVOGUEk6tb3d7py1 Pinner

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This Pinner handled that job flawlessly. I've tried Dewalt, Milwaukee, and senco. I easily installed my new baseboards. This little Pinner saved me so much time. It works well and will last a long time.

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6. Husky DPP123 Pinner

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Very powerful in various ways. Overall it's a nice Pinner for the price. High quality, easy to load and use. Easy to use and did the job I required. My best Pinner for craft projects.