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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated WEN Planers Available Today
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2. WEN 6550T Benchtop Planer

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No parts were damaged or missing. It's hard to beat this unit for the price. Everything I expected and more. This is a great compact and functional unit. WEN always makes great products!

It's true that the WEN 6530 was the WEN Planers that we graded most highly. Nevertheless, there were a few other very high quality WEN Planers we wanted to showcase here that just barely missed first place.

WEN is yet another major producer of Planers. They produce the tool next up on our rundown. WEN's Benchtop Planers are one of their premier tools. It was terrific to try the 6550T. I was very happy with this tool!

The model 6550T Benchtop Planer by WEN, at $ is a particularly exceptional Planer for the money. If you uncertain about our number one choice, I'd check out the WEN 6550T next. It's a high quality tool at a great price.

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WEN 6550T Features

Granite table provides a sturdy non-marring surface for wood to smoothly travel over

Plane boards up to 6 inches thick and 12.5 inches wide

15A motor generates 17,000 cuts per minute at a 26 feet per minute feed rate

Adjust depth to plane off anywhere from 0 to 3/32 of an inch with each pass

Fan-assisted dust port removes sawdust from workpiece

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3. WEN 6552T Benchtop Planer

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WEN has hit a grand slam with this design. Functionally, the unit performs really well. This planer has some serious horsepower. Its not that heavy and super easy to move. Its not that heavy and super easy to move.