Top 10 Best Brushless Power Drills

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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Brushless Power Drills Available Today
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2. Hitachi DS18DBFL2 Power Drill

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It's Hitachi what else can I say. It's Hitachi what else can I say. The Hitachi DS18DBFL2 is a labor saver. This was verified with a torque wrench. It seems to be a very sturdy case.

The DEWALT DCD777C2 Power Drill B01J7UPHIS was really our favorite Brushless Power Drills. That being said, there are a number of other superb options when it comes down to Brushless Power Drills. We have a breakdown of them here.

Next on our list is made by Hitachi known to be a very reputable tool brand. Hitachi's Power Drills are one of their top offerings. I was excited to try the model DS18DBFL2 and I was not let down!

This Power Drill is merely $129.99. That is a great deal for a premium Power Drill like the DS18DBFL2 by Hitachi. The Hitachi DS18DBFL2 is definitely a sound option. Of you are not sure about our top selection, I'd suggest you choose this Power Drill.

Full Hitachi DS18DBFL2 Review

Hitachi DS18DBFL2 Features

Hitachi Power Tools has renamed to Metabo HPT. Same great tools, with only a new name.

Brushless Motor Technology for higher efficiency, increased run time and longer tool life

Professional grade power with 620 inches/pounds of turning torque and up to 1,800 RPM

Powered by Hitachi's 18V Lithium Ion slide type batteries for fade free power and lighter weight than NiCd batteries

Ratcheting 1/2 inches keyless all metal chuck for quick and simple bit replacements and secure holding power

22 stage + 1 clutch settings delivers 22 torque settings and a drill mode for ultimate precision and control

Optical trigger switch for a more responsive variable speed actuation, and wear resistant trigger assembly

Built in LED light effectively illuminates dark work spaces

The DCD791D2 by DEWALT and the Bosch PS32-02 are worth taking a look at also. Both tool brands are famous for their top quality Power Drills. Each of these particular options earned terrific end user ratings as well. Customers awarded the DEWALT an rating on average of 4.7/5 stars. Compare that to the Bosch PS32-02 that holds an average score of 4.7/5 stars.

The DCD791D2 by DEWALT gives several really premium features such as DEWALT brushless motor which delivers up to 57% more run time. The Bosch PS32-02 by comparison, is hard to beat offering Compact: Lightest, most compact 12V EC brush less drill/driver in class plus Precision: This easy to use power drill weighs only 2 pounds, making it a great choice for extended drilling and driving overhead.

I would be eager to recommend either of these Brushless Power Drills
DEWALT DCD791D2 featured image

3. DEWALT DCD791D2 Power Drill

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I charged a battery in about 3 hours. This is my third one in the collection. It is the BEST drill that i have ever used. I don't even use my regular screw driver anymore. Now I only have to carry one case.

Bosch PS32-02 featured image

4. Bosch PS32-02 Power Drill

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As strong as an 18V from other brands. For hobbyists, this is all I need. Not a big deal, though, just popped it back in. It is the BEST drill that i have ever used. Grip feels similar to Bosch, weight as well.

Honorable Mentions

If you are thinking that the Brushless Power Drills mentioned above don't cut it, here are a variety of additional options that may fit you better. There really are a lot of great choices on the market to pick from. With thorough study and testing, the tools we reviewed earlier are our preferred Power Drills. Having said that, the Power Drills below offer several distinct features and are each highly rated Brushless Power Drills.

DEWALT DCD791B featured image

5. DEWALT DCD791B Power Drill

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DEWALT really dropped the ball here. It is the BEST drill that i have ever used. I've got a whole herd of DEWALT tools. Not a big deal, though, just popped it back in. Grip feels similar to DEWALT, weight as well.

DEWALT DCK287D2 featured image

6. DEWALT DCK287D2 Power Drill

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It is the BEST drill that i have ever used. It was also easy to get different bits in and out. I especially like its power and light weight. I'm very satisfied with this outcome. Even square drive screws can't take full torque.

Makita CX200RB featured image

7. Makita CX200RB Power Drill

  • (280 Points)

This was verified with a torque wrench. I recommend this product wholeheartedly. For the price, this is great value. Now I only have to carry one case. Great Power Drill, great support and service.

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8. Makita XFD131 Power Drill

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It is the BEST drill that i have ever used. Smooth operation, works great. I was looking for batteries, but got all this! I like the way it handles during use. I checked it out and was impressed and ordered it.

DEWALT DCD708C2 featured image

9. DEWALT DCD708C2 Power Drill

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Light, strong, and very user friendly. Battery life is good to excellent. This replaced one which I had for 30 years. I’ve owned mine for close to 9 months. Light, strong, and very user friendly.

Makita XT269M featured image

10. Makita XT269M Power Drill

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And the case is nothing special. I recommend this product wholeheartedly. I love the speed control of this drill. Light weight and easy to maneuver. It has a solid feel and balance.