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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Electric Power Drills Available Today
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2. AOBEN AB2132ZA Power Rotary Hammer

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For its price, this Power Rotary Hammer works really good. Let me just say that it was amazing! I recommend for expert and occasional DIYers. The AOBEN AB2132ZA is not your regular drill. It's great and I am the envy of all my friends.

The DEWALT DW160V Power Drill Driver B00002233H was undoubtedly our favorite Electric Power Drills. That being said, there are a number of other superb selections when it comes to Electric Power Drills. We have them for you here.

The next in our tool break down is manufactured by AOBEN which is a very respectable tool supplier. AOBEN's Power Rotary Hammers are no exception. It was terrific to try the AB2132ZA. I was very satisfied with this tool!

The model AB2132ZA Power Rotary Hammer by AOBEN, at $109.99 is an especially exceptional Power Drill for the money. If you not sure about our number one pick, I'd consider the AOBEN AB2132ZA next. It's a top quality tool at a great price.

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AOBEN AB2132ZA Features

【POWERFUL MOTOR】 AOBEN electric Rotary Hammer Drill is equipped with 13 Amp (1500W) motor that delivers powerful impact energy to complete heavy duty projects on concrete, Masonry and metal.

【EASY TO OPERAT】 Three function modes can be easily switched - hammer only (chiselling-only), hammer drill (hammering and rotation), and drill only (rotation only) . There are double switch buttons to change the functions which can last longer compare with single switch button.

【ERGONOMIC DESIGN】 AOBEN roto hammer drill adopt ergonomic design with Rubber and 360 degree adjust handle provides a comfortable use feeling . SDS-plus hammer drill can guarantee the user’s safety and well designed heat dissipation motor and double anti-dust bottom structure can extend the hammer's use life.

【TOOL KITS】 AOBEN hammer drill set include 3 pcs drill bits(size of 8mm,10mm and 12mm), 1 pc flat chisel, 1 pc point chisel, a dirt proof boot, motor lubricant, 2 pcs of spare carbon brush and an extra chuck, fit drill bits size from 1mm to 13mm. Portable Carrying Case provides the perfect storage.

【MULTIFUNCTION】 AOBEN Professional rotary hammer Applies to wood,masonry,concrete and steel. Max 1-1/4 inch drilling diameter for concrete and for metal is 1/2 inch. AOBEN provide 24 months warranty service.

Aside from the tools we reviewed above, I would have a look at the 0370-20 by Milwaukee and the DEWALT DWD460K. Both tool manufacturers are popular for their premium Power Drills. both of these two options earned fantastic buyer ratings also. The 0370-20 advertises a user rating of 4.3/5 when contrasted against the 4.5/5 star rating for the DWD460K by DEWALT.

The Milwaukee 0370-20 provides several really choice features such as 3/8 close quarter drill. The DWD460K by DEWALT however, is hard to beat with Bind-up control stall-sensing technology for increased control of reactionary torque and even Mechanical clutch in low speed delivers increased gear protection.

I would be eager to recommend both of these Electric Power Drills
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3. Milwaukee 0370-20 Power Right Angle Drill

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Best Power Right Angle Drill on the market. I would highly recommend this to anyone. In the past I just got frustrated, but this tool fixes that. I will likely use this drill often. I'll definitely use this Power Right Angle Drill with every chance I get.

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4. DEWALT DWD460K Power Right Angle Drill

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It appears to be super well made. For the money, this is a great Power Right Angle Drill. I can now drill more holes in less time. Works well like I need it to. DEWALT tools are a great value for the money.

Honorable Mentions

If you are thinking that the Electric Power Drills mentioned above fail to cut it, we have a variety of alternative choices that may likely better match your needs. It's true that there are a lot of excellent choices available to buy. With exhaustive research and testing, the selections above are our preferred Power Drills. That doesn't mean there aren't several more great Electric Power Drills.

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5. Ryobi Power Screw Gun

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It makes my work smooth and fast. You can't go wrong with this Power Screw Gun. Another great Ryobi tool. The Ryobi works great. The Power Screw Gun was barely warm when I finished.

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6. Metabo HPT D10YB Power Right Angle Drill

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The Power Right Angle Drill works quite well. Another excellent product from Metabo HPT. I'll use this tool very often. I love everything about this Power Right Angle Drill. I'll definitely use this Power Right Angle Drill with every chance I get.

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7. Milwaukee 2708-22 Power Right Angle Drill

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Works as I would expect it to work! Plenty of power for driving screws. Great drill, great investment. The Milwaukee 2708-22 things works like a beast. It does what I need it to do.

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8. Toolman Power Rotary Hammer

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Drilling holes is a snap with this Power Rotary Hammer. Good quality Power Rotary Hammer for the price. It is noticeably light and powerful. Great product worked as advertised. Great tool to carry with you.

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9. Milwaukee 2615-21CT Power Right Angle Drill

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For the price, I think it's a great deal. This is an excellent Power Right Angle Drill set. I love this Power Right Angle Drill from Milwaukee. It worked really well with my drill bits. I would definitely buy it again.

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10. LANNERET Power Rotary Hammer

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It was fast and really very easy to handle. I would strongly recommend this Power Rotary Hammer. The LANNERET drills through concrete like butter. Great addition to my LANNERET tools. So far so good, no problems at all.