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2. SKILSAW 2356-03 Power Drill

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You have to go slow and feel it. Not a big deal, though, just popped it back in. It handles just about everything I throw at it. Great Power Drill for a great price. Turn the chuck until you hear a loud click.

The SKILSAW 2240-01 Power Drill B002W210HQ was really our preferred SKILSAW Power Drills. Even so, there were a range of other very premium SKILSAW Power Drills we wanted to showcase here that only just missed first place.

SKILSAW is another leading producer of Power Drills. They make the tool next on our lineup. SKILSAW's Power Drills are among their top tools. I was excited to have a go at the model 2356-03 and I was not let down!

The model 2356-03 Power Drill by SKILSAW, at $34.95 is a particularly exceptional Power Drill for the price. If you unsure about our number one choice, I'd check out the SKILSAW 2356-03 next. It's a first class tool at a good price.

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SKILSAW 2356-03 Features

Fully integrated bit management: 12-bit Illuminated window MAGAZINE keeps your most popular bits close at hand- just rotate to select desired bit

USB charging: supports universal charging with computers, cell phones, and car chargers for Total flexibility

4-Volt Lithium-Ion 1.5Ah cell for plenty of power and longer run time, with the ability of holding a charge for up to 18-months

Site-Light LED work light facilitates use in dimly lit areas

Battery level indicator: shows when battery is in need of a charge