Top 6 Best Black & Decker Power Screwdrivers

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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Black & Decker Power Screwdrivers Available Today
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2. Black & Decker AS6NG Power Screwdriver

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Drives 2” screws quickly and easily. The Power Screwdriver was barely warm when I finished. I will not install another deck without it. Finally got to use it on a project. Best investment in any tool I ever made!

The fact is that the Black & Decker Li2000 Power Screwdriver B005LTNLDS was the Black & Decker Power Screwdrivers that we ranked the highest. That being said, there are a few other fantastic options when it comes down to Black & Decker Power Screwdrivers. We have the best of them in this article.

Black & Decker is yet another top maker of Power Screwdrivers. They make the tool next on our rundown. Black & Decker's Power Screwdrivers are among their leading tools. I was excited to try out the model AS6NG and I was not disappointed!

This Power Screwdriver is only $. That is a fantastic deal for a quality Power Screwdriver like the AS6NG by Black & Decker. The Black & Decker AS6NG is truly a sound option. Of you are uncertain about our number one pick, I'd advise to select this Power Screwdriver.

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Black & Decker AS6NG Features

Easily switch to manual screw driving for more control

Easily switch from driving to removing screws with forward/reverse switch

Store on pegboard using integrated peg hole

4 AA batteries required (best with Polaroid AA batteries)

Included Components: AS6NG screwdriver, (4) AA batteries, 1" Slotted screwdriving bit, 1" Phillips screwdriving bit

Besides the tools we covered already, I would have a look at the LI4000 by Black & Decker and the BDCS30C by Black & Decker. Both tool manufacturers are famous for their premium Power Screwdrivers. Each of these unique options earned fantastic end user reviews also. The Black & Decker received a score of 4.4/5 as compared to 4.5/5 star rating given to the BDCS30C by Black & Decker.

The LI4000 by Black & Decker gives a few very premium features such as Lithium-ion battery-powered screwdriver with magnetic screw holder for basic home repairs and assemblies. The Black & Decker BDCS30C however, is very competitive with 180 RPMs and 35 in-lbs of torque plus LED light to illluminate dark spaces.

I would be eager to recommend either of these Black & Decker Power Screwdrivers
Black & Decker LI4000 featured image

3. Black & Decker LI4000 Power Screwdriver

  • (1833 Points)

I've used more Power Screwdrivers than I can count, but this one is the best. I recommend this, it saves you a couple bucks! Great quality and looks like it’s built solidly. Drives 2” screws quickly and easily. I will not install another deck without it.

Black & Decker BDCS30C featured image

4. Black & Decker BDCS30C Power Screwdriver

  • (547 Points)

The Power Screwdriver is still kicking. One of my all time best buys ever! I will not install another deck without it. No jams or problems of any kind. Absolutely a must if you are building wooden projects.

Honorable Mentions

There are a handful more excellent Black & Decker Power Screwdrivers available. Here are a handful to choose from if the options rated above don't be a good fit for you. We uncovered a number of terrific tools on the market to choose. The Power Screwdrivers we graded above are our favorites. However, these Power Screwdrivers shown below deliver several special characteristics and are each highly rated Black & Decker Power Screwdrivers.

Black & Decker BDCS40BI featured image

5. Black & Decker BDCS40BI Power Screwdriver

  • (384 Points)

Easy to use, very handy when building my builds. Completely satisfied with this Power Screwdriver! Drives 2” screws quickly and easily. Great quality and looks like it’s built solidly. Finally got to use it on a project.

Black & Decker LI2000PK featured image

6. Black & Decker LI2000PK Power Screwdriver

  • (128 Points)

I really couldn't be happier with the Black & Decker LI2000PK. This Power Screwdriver is well made and the system works. Easy to use, very handy when building my builds. I’ve used Power Screwdriver guns for years, and this one is one of the bests. It makes my work smooth and fast.