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2. Positec USA FBA_WX252L Power Screwdriver

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It much better than other models. Dials in screw depth nicely and loads easily. I’ve used Power Screwdriver guns for years, and this one is one of the bests. I am in love with this Power Screwdriver. Very impressive, exceeded all my expectations.

It's true that the Positec USA WX255L Power Screwdriver B00ZFR4JA0 was the Positec USA Power Screwdrivers that we graded the highest. Even so, there were a range of other very premium quality Positec USA Power Screwdrivers worth showcasing here that just barely fell short.

Next on our list is built by Positec USA which is a very respectable tool brand. Positec USA's Power Screwdrivers are no exception. It was great to try out the FBA_WX252L. I was very satisfied using this tool!

This Power Screwdriver is only $29.01. That is a fantastic deal for a top quality Power Screwdriver like the FBA_WX252L by Positec USA. The Positec USA FBA_WX252L is truly a solid option. Of you are uncertain about our number one pick, I would choose this Power Screwdriver.

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Positec USA FBA_WX252L Features

Patented extending shaft reaches into recessed areas and helps drive screws straighter and with less slipping

Lithium-ion battery technology: high capacity, no self-discharge and no memory effect

Auto spindle lock for optional use as a manual screwdriver

Offset chuck for access in tight corners

Works with any 1/4-Inch Insert Bit

UPC: 845534012743