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2. Astro Pneumatic Tool 3008_59 Random Orbital Sander

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I think it is quiet compared to my professional buffers. Would give it more stars if I had that option. The cord is 6ft, strong and very flexible. This sander is far superior to the Astro Pneumatic Tool I had. I was seriously shocked how quiet this machine was.

The Astro Pneumatic Tool 300SP was undoubtedly our favorite Astro Pneumatic Tool Random Orbital Sanders. That doesn't mean there aren't a handful of other really great alternatives when it comes to Astro Pneumatic Tool Random Orbital Sanders. We have a breakdown of them here.

Astro Pneumatic Tool is another major producer of Random Orbital Sanders. They build the tool next on our rundown. Astro Pneumatic Tool's Random Orbital Sanders are great as well. I was eager to have a go at the model 3008_59 and I was not let down!

This Random Orbital Sander is just $102.29. That is a terrific deal for a top quality Random Orbital Sander like the 3008_59 by Astro Pneumatic Tool. The Astro Pneumatic Tool 3008_59 is really a solid option. Of you are not sure about our number one selection, I'd suggest you choose this Random Orbital Sander.

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Astro Pneumatic Tool 3008_59 Features

The smooth strength and power of this gear driven sander removes heavy material and body filler on large, flat surfaces

Dual action pad motion leaves a clean swirl-free finish

Balanced ball bearing construction for vibration-free performance and long life

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3. Astro Pneumatic Tool 320 Random Orbital Sander

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I must have missed that in the description. This feels and runs like a precision tool. You can purchase the Velcro style backer here on amazon. It came with two kinds level of sanding papers. Gonna buy like 5 more for all my guys and myself.