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2. Festool 571897 Random Orbital Sander

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Replaced brushes, pads in regular intervals, as expected. The included carry case is very robust too. No need to pay double for the exact same performance. The motor is strong and gets the job done. Now, this Festool sander does all the heavy duty sander.

The Festool ETS 125 was definitely our preferred Festool Random Orbital Sanders. Having said that, there were a few other very premium quality Festool Random Orbital Sanders we wanted to show you here that just barely missed first place.

Next up is made by Festool which is a very respectable tool manufacturer. Festool's Random Orbital Sanders are great as well. I was excited to try the model 571897 and I was not disappointed!

This Random Orbital Sander is just $400.00. That is a great deal for a premium Random Orbital Sander like the 571897 by Festool. The Festool 571897 is truly a solid option. Of you are unsure about our number one pick, I'd suggest you select this Random Orbital Sander.

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Festool 571897 Features

Ergonomic and comfortable: Compact design and ergonomic grip for greater flexibility in sanding tasks with less user fatigue. Vibration control system

Effective and long-lasting: Power through the demands with EC TEC brushless motors delivers a constant powerful performance. Exceptional service life

Efficient and productive - Designed with dust extraction efficiency with new ETS EC sanders integrate seamlessly into sanding solutions system.

The 574993 by Festool and the Festool ETS 1503 EQ are worthy of looking into as well. Both these tool manufactures are thought to be some of the leading suppliers of quality Random Orbital Sanders. Each of these particular options earned exceptional customer ratings also. The 574993 advertises a rating of 4.6/5 when compared to 5.0/5 star rating given to the Festool ETS 1503 EQ.

The 574993 by Festool comes with several features you might not get on competing Random Orbital Sanders. One example is Ergonomically Formed to fit comfortably in any size hand. The ETS 1503 EQ by Festool however, is hard to beat with Multi-Jetstream dust extraction for cleaner work piece and work environment and up to 30% longer abrasive life. plus Ergonomically formed to fit your hand for one or two handed operation, with rubberized top grip..

I would be eager to suggest both of these Festool Random Orbital Sanders
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3. Festool 574993 Random Orbital Sander

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Not cheap, but much better than the pain. This feels and runs like a precision tool. So i guess i'd be back on Amazon real soon! When I returned, the sander had gone to tool heaven. Beyond that, I like the tool and does the job.

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4. Festool ETS 1503 EQ Random Orbital Sander

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My wife uses it more on her crafts than I do. If this thing keeps working consistently without failure. No need to pay double for the exact same performance. Works great and very portable and handy for little areas. I have to reset the hose every few minutes.

Honorable Mentions

We found a handful more fantastic Festool Random Orbital Sanders for sale. Listed below are a handful to choose from if the options above might not be a good fit for you. We found a lot of terrific tools out there to pick from. Through thorough analysis and testing, the choices we reviewed earlier were our favorites. Read on though. We ranked several additional terrific Festool Random Orbital Sanders.

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5. Festool ETS 1505 Random Orbital Sander

  • (15 Points)

I was surprised by the size of this sander. I sanded a bowl for about 10 minutes, then shut it off. It was meh, and made my job pretty difficult. The motor is strong and gets the job done. Vibration is very low so user fatigue will not be a issue.

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6. Festool 575074 Random Orbital Sander

  • (10 Points)

Great durable machine with power and variable speed. The price is right and the tool works great. It was meh, and made my job pretty difficult. Wonder if I could buff the mailbox with it. I did make some low spots on the table with that sander.

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7. Festool 575039 Random Orbital Sander

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Not cheap, but much better than the pain. I wish I had bought one long before now. I use it to finish aluminum so when i'm Sanding. I am very glad it comes with 12 Pcs bonus sandpapers! I would say they have paid for themselves many times over.

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8. Festool PI571817 Random Orbital Sander

  • (2 Points)

It covers a lot of ground and I love it. The included carry case is very robust too. It was meh, and made my job pretty difficult. It has done everything I have needed it to do. I did find the battery a little difficult to remove.