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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Ryobi Random Orbital Sanders Available Today
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2. Ryobi ZRRS290G Random Orbital Sander

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Great durable machine with power and variable speed. It is a pleasure to use, and does a great job. If dust bothers you, wear a filter mask. Great tool works and feels good to use. After the second or third try, it might decide to stay on.

It's true that the Ryobi P411 was the Ryobi Random Orbital Sanders that we rated most highly. That doesn't mean there aren't a few other really great selections when it comes down to Ryobi Random Orbital Sanders. We have the best of them in this article.

Next on our list is made by Ryobi known to be a very highly regarded tool manufacturer. Ryobi's Random Orbital Sanders are great as well. I was eager to have a go at the model ZRRS290G and I was not let down!

This Random Orbital Sander is merely $36.95. That is an exceptional deal for a quality Random Orbital Sander like the ZRRS290G by Ryobi. The Ryobi ZRRS290G is really a sound alternative. Of you are not sure about our number one pick, I'd advise to opt for this Random Orbital Sander.

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Ryobi ZRRS290G Features

DUST BAG: Keep your workspace neat with the onboard, removable dust bag that helps protect you from blowback while keeping your target visible

HOOK AND LOOP PAD REPLACEMENT: A convenient hook and loop system makes quick pad changes a breeze

INCLUDED SANDING DISCS: With these, you can use the tool right out of the box and pick up extras later

ERGONOMIC HANDLING: The hex-notched rubber design allows you to keep a grip on this tool without worrying about letting it go, even in slippery conditions

CONVENIENT ON / OFF SWITCH located next to the grip, so you can be sure you have a firm grip when you’re activating and turning off the unit. This way, it won’t get away from you

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3. Ryobi P411 Random Orbital Sander

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It held up and kept up with the Ryobi. It is a pleasure to use, and does a great job. If you need a new sander, buy this one. Wow, once the tool gets in it's rhythm it really sings. Catches a lot of the dust and easy to empty.