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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated AIRCAT Ratchet Wrenches Available Today
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2. AIRCAT ACR801R Ratchet Wrench

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Just as good as high priced name brand tools. It fits the socket set that I already have. Just do yourself a favor and buy this tool. It has great run time and is super durable. It is well balanced and really easy to handle.

The fact is that the AirCat 802 Ratchet Wrench B000OAHYKA was the AIRCAT Ratchet Wrenches that we graded the highest. Nevertheless, there were a few other really premium AIRCAT Ratchet Wrenches we wanted to showcase here that just barely missed the mark.

Next up is built by AIRCAT which is a very credible tool brand. AIRCAT's Ratchet Wrenches are one of their leading products. It was terrific to try out the ACR801R. I was very satisfied using this tool!

This Ratchet Wrench is only $77.99. That is a fantastic deal for a superior Ratchet Wrench like the ACR801R by AIRCAT. The AIRCAT ACR801R is definitely a solid option. Of you are unsure about our number one selection, I'd advise to go with this Ratchet Wrench.

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AIRCAT ACR801R Features

45 (ft-lbs) Loosening Torque

4-35 (ft-lbs) Working Torque

Quiet Tuned Exhaust (85 decibels)

Durable Sleek designed composite housing

Single Pawl Mechanism

Strongest 3/8" Mini Ratchet in its class!

45 ft-lb Loosening torque

Single pawl mechanism

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3. AIRCAT 804 Ratchet Wrench

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It just saves time from using elbow grease. Very impressed with the quality I'm seeing. Unbelievable torque for the size of the tool. I use it for commercial applications. Let me tell you, there is nothing to fear with this one.