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2. Milwaukee Electric Tool 2457-21-cr Ratchet Wrench

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Well made, powerful and durable. Does save time and comes with several extras. Works like it should, not a whole lot of power. Unbelievable torque for the size of the tool. I use it for those hard to reach hose clamps.

The MILWAUKEE ELECTRIC TOOL 2457-21 Ratchet Wrench B006GKFWSS was definitely our preferred Milwaukee Electric Tool Ratchet Wrenches. Nevertheless, there were a handful of other very high quality Milwaukee Electric Tool Ratchet Wrenches worth showcasing here that barely fell short.

Next up is manufactured by Milwaukee Electric Tool which is a very highly regarded tool manufacturer. Milwaukee Electric Tool's Ratchet Wrenches are also top quality. I was eager to have a go at the model 2457-21-cr and I was not let down!

The model 2457-21-cr Ratchet Wrench by Milwaukee Electric Tool, at $149.95 is a particularly exceptional Ratchet Wrench for the price. The Milwaukee Electric Tool 2457-21-cr is truly a sound option. Of you are uncertain about our top selection, I'd advise to opt for this Ratchet Wrench.

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Milwaukee Electric Tool 2457-21-cr Features

Powerful 12-volt motor: Delivers up to 35 ft-lbs of torque.

The kit includes one M12 battery, a 30-minute charger, and carrying case.

On-board fuel gauge: Helps you monitor the charge precisely for less downtime on the job.

Built-in LED light: Illuminates work surfaces in dark locations.

Superior fastening speed: Produces 250 RPM, with variable-speed trigger for greater control.

Reinforced metal housing and trigger for longer tool life

cluded charger and M12 REDLITHIUM battery offer high run time and long battery life for excellent value