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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Koki Holdings America Reciprocating Saws Available Today
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2. Koki Holdings America CR13VST Reciprocating Saw

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Picked this Reciprocating Saw up to go with my other Koki Holdings America tools. This is a tough saw, I use it almost on a daily basis. This is the best Reciprocating Saw I have owned. Eats through wood like a fat guy eats tacos. Sliced wood with little to no effort.

The truth is that the Koki Holdings America, Ltd CR18DGLP4 Reciprocating Saw B011DWFPH6 was the Koki Holdings America Reciprocating Saws that we ranked most highly. That being said, there are a few other really great selections when it comes down to Koki Holdings America Reciprocating Saws. We have them for you here.

Koki Holdings America is an additional top maker of Reciprocating Saws. They build the tool that is next on our lineup. Koki Holdings America's Reciprocating Saws are also top quality. I was eager to try the model CR13VST and I was not disappointed!

The model CR13VST Reciprocating Saw by Koki Holdings America, at $79.00 is an especially exceptional Reciprocating Saw for the price. The Koki Holdings America CR13VST is definitely a sound option. Of you are not sure about our top pick, I would go with this Reciprocating Saw.

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Koki Holdings America CR13VST Features

Same tools. New name. Hitachi power tools has renamed to Metabo HPT

11 Amp Reciprocating Saw

Includes: CR13VST Reciprocating Saw, 8" Wood Cutting Blade, Carrying Case

Powerful 11-amp motor powers the saw to 2, 800 strokes per minute

1-1/8" stroke length provides maximum cutting speed for tough cutting jobs

Orbital function Switches customize cuts to the material

Variable speed control dial to match the material being cut as well as extend the life of the blade

Aside from the option we already included, I would definitely have a look at the CR18DBLQ4 by Koki Holdings America and the Koki Holdings America CR18DBL. Both tool brands are famous for their premium quality Reciprocating Saws. Both of these two options are highly rated also. Users gave the CR18DBLQ4 an average rating of 4.2/5 stars. Contrast that to the Koki Holdings America CR18DBL that holds an average rating of 5.0/5 stars.

The Koki Holdings America CR18DBLQ4 comes with several features you might not get on other similar Reciprocating Saws. For example 18V Cordless Reciprocating Saw (Battery Sold Separately). The CR18DBL by Koki Holdings America however, is hard to beat with Same tools. New name. Hitachi Power Tools has renamed to Metabo HPT and even 18V Cordless Reciprocating Saw with 6. 0 Ah Battery.

I would be eager to recommend either of these Koki Holdings America Reciprocating Saws
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3. Koki Holdings America CR18DBLQ4 Reciprocating Saw

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I'm very pleased, very low energy consumption too. We bought this to replace an older model. Great tool, works better than my past Reciprocating Saws. It cuts very quickly and vibration is negligible. It is pretty light and lasts quite awhile.

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4. Koki Holdings America CR18DBL Reciprocating Saw

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For a reasonably-priced Reciprocating Saw, it works well. I wish bought one of these a several years ago. This one is the most powerful tools I have ever used. The concentrated demolishing power is astounding. The Koki Holdings America CR18DBL is easy to hold and line-up for the cut.

Honorable Mentions

We found a few more terrific Koki Holdings America Reciprocating Saws available. Listed here are several to select from if the options you already looked at don't meet your needs. We uncovered a number of excellent tools on the market to pick from. The Reciprocating Saws we graded above are the best of the best. That being said, the Reciprocating Saws below offer several special features on top of the fact that they are each highly rated Koki Holdings America Reciprocating Saws.

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5. Koki Holdings America CR18DSLQ4 Reciprocating Saw

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Simply an easy to use, well-constructed Reciprocating Saw. This is a pretty good saw for the price. It’s easy to change blades and it holds them tight. Price is lower compared to other alternatives. I love that the Koki Holdings America CR18DSLQ4 is exactly as advertised.