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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated DIY Sand Blasters Available Today
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2. Ubiquitous Model-v-116 Sand Blaster

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Very pleased with the Ubiquitous Model-v-116. This could be one of the best tools I own. Cuts through sand and paint like butter. I should have bought this years ago. This is a great little Sand Blaster!

The LE LEMATEC Sand Blaster B07QX2RTS8 was our preferred DIY Sand Blasters. That being said, there are a few other fantastic alternatives when it comes to DIY Sand Blasters. We have them for you here.

Ubiquitous is another major producer of Sand Blasters. They build the tool that is next on our list. Ubiquitous's Sand Blasters are among their leading products. It was terrific to check out the Model-v-116. I was very happy with this tool!

This Sand Blaster is merely $37.45. That is a terrific deal for a premium Sand Blaster like the Model-v-116 by Ubiquitous. The Ubiquitous Model-v-116 is really a solid option. Of you are not sure about our number one selection, I'd advise to opt for this Sand Blaster.

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Ubiquitous Model-v-116 Features

SODA BLASTER AND SANDBLASTER GUN: LE LEMATEC’s latest offering in air tools comes the AS118 Soda Blaster. It works both as a soda blaster and a sandblaster in one supporting baking soda or sodium bicarbonate media for that spot blasting job. It is the original portable sandblaster design. Don't be fooled by the cheap knock-offs and imitations. For all sandblasting gun needs, trust LE LEMATEC.

APPLICATIONS ARE ENDLESS: This media blaster gun works in so many ways. Use it as a Soda blaster, Walnut blaster, Sand Blaster, bead blaster, media blaster, & spot blaster are just to name a few functions that our sand blasting equipment provides. Perform Spot Blasting for DIY, Auto Restoration, furniture refinishing, you name it!

THE SODABLASTER THAT COMPLETES YOUR SANDBLASTER GUN KIT: The LE LEMATEC Soda Blaster is a perfect air tool to complete your sand blaster gun kit. This mini sandblaster is very portable and user-friendly. Sand blasting with the AS118 Soda Blaster also works great in sandblasting cabinets for all your small projects. With this handheld sandblaster, finish all your work with high quality and efficiency.

SUPPORTS A NUMBER OF ABRASIVE MEDIA: LE LEMATEC Soda Blaster supports various abrasive and sandblasting media such as baking soda or sodium bicarbonate, sand, glass beads, silica, walnuts and more. Make sure to check out the right abrasive to use for your project but surely, our soda blaster is perfect of any mineral abrasive for hard surfaces.

SODA BLASTER REQUIREMENTS: There are a few items you will need with your LE LEMATEC Soda Blaster SandBlaster Gun kit. 1. Air compressor with average 90psi. An inline air filter to trap moisture. And, you will also need sand blaster media, please have a look at our media recommendations.

Besides the option we reviewed above, I would evaluate the EWK EB0252 and the Evepoly . Both these tool manufactures are regarded as some of the top manufacturers of high quality Sand Blasters. Each of these distinct options earned great buyer reviews as well. Users awarded the EWK an rating on average of 4.2/5 stars. Contrast that to the that holds an average score of 4.9/5 stars.

The EB0252 by EWK provides some very premium features including 【 Accept Versatile Medias 】 EWK Gravity Feed Sandblasting gun works with almost any blasting media including silica sand, garnet, crushed glass, mineral sands, coal slag, glass bead, crushed walnut shell, baking soda, aluminum oxide and etc. Choose your media for the desired job!. The by Evepoly however, is tough to beat offering SB-255A Sand Blaster Gun.easy to use.original portable sandblaster design.Top-mounted ABS hopper holds up to 510 ml of blast media. plus Sand Blaster Gun works in so many ways. use it as a soda blaster, walnut blaster, sand blaster, bead blaster, media blaster, & spot blaster are just to name a few functions that our sand blasting equipment provides. perform spot blasting for diy, auto restoration, furniture refinishing..

I can easily recommend either of these DIY Sand Blasters
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3. EWK EB0252 Sand Blaster

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I bought this for my hobbies and business. Great Sand Blaster for the cost. All in all, it's a good value for the money. Seams well made for the price. Everything is air tight and I'm ready for blasting.

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4. Evepoly Sand Blaster

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I've always wanted a tool like this! This product is fairly cheap but works fine. Everything is air tight and I'm ready for blasting. Quality build and quickly shipped. Finally a Sand Blaster that actually works.

Honorable Mentions

If the DIY Sand Blasters we rated above don't do it for you, here are a handful of alternative choices that may likely better meet your needs. There really are a plenty of excellent options on the market to choose. The Sand Blasters we evaluated above are our favorites. That doesn't mean there aren't several additional fantastic DIY Sand Blasters.

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5. Ubiquitous Inc. Sand Blaster

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This Sand Blaster works so much better than my old one. Great little Sand Blaster at a good price. I've always wanted a tool like this! Wow, I am impressed with Ubiquitous Inc.. It is very straightforward to use.

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6. Boloniprod Sand Blaster

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Great little Sand Blaster at a good price. Great little Sand Blaster at a good price. Does a great job for a minimal price. This works way better than I could have thought. Seams well made for the price.

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7. LE LEMATEC Sand Blaster

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I didn't expect anything magnificent. Great for small projects and small areas. This product works great for the intended purpose. Wow, I am impressed with LE LEMATEC. The work is great, works fast through the media.

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8. DUSICHIN Sand Blaster

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Great Sand Blaster for the cost. All in all, it's a good value for the money. It works well and is easy to use. The unit is nicely made and works very well. The resulting sand is VERY fine and clean!