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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Small Sand Blasters Available Today
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2. Zendex Tool Corp Sand Blaster

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The work is great, works fast through the media. Works way better than my other sandblaster. Definitely gets the job done. Best way to have sandblasting at home. Very pleased with the Zendex Tool Corp .

The LE LEMATEC Sand Blaster B07QX2RTS8 was really our number one Small Sand Blasters. That being said, there are a handful of other really great alternatives when it comes to Small Sand Blasters. We have a breakdown of them here.

The next in our tool break down is made by Zendex Tool Corp known to be a very trusted tool supplier. Zendex Tool Corp's Sand Blasters are also top quality. I was eager to try the model and I was not let down!

This Sand Blaster is only $52.80. That is a great deal for a quality Sand Blaster like the by Zendex Tool Corp. If you unsure about our number one selection, I'd consider the Zendex Tool Corp next. It's a high quality tool at a great price.

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Zendex Tool Corp Features

GRAVITY FEED SAND BLASTER - The Speed Blaster features a unique gravity feed design that forces the particles into a replaceable hardened steel mixing chamber & passes through a ceramic nozzle.

A POWERFUL BLAST - Operating pressure 60-125 PSI; Working pressure 100-125 PSI; Air consumption 12 CFM-125 PSI.

HIGH PERFORMANCE - Complete with a one piece handle, safety vented tank, alumina ceramic nozzle, and adjustable material control valve that meters sand flow precisely.

EASY TO USE - The Speed Blaster is designed to be easy to use, and is perfect for all your small to medium size sand blasting jobs!

AMERICAN MADE - The Speed Blaster is designed, tested, manufactured, and proven in the USA since 1984.

Apart from the tools we reviewed already, I would definitely evaluate the Model-v-116 by Ubiquitous and the EWK EB0252. Both these tool manufactures are thought to be a couple of the premier producers of high quality Sand Blasters. both of these particular tools earned terrific customer reviews also. The Ubiquitous received a score of 3.7/5 as contrasted against the 4.2/5 star rating received by the EWK EB0252.

The Model-v-116 by Ubiquitous has several features you might not experience on other similar Sand Blasters. For example SODA BLASTER AND SANDBLASTER GUN: LE LEMATEC’s latest offering in air tools comes the AS118 Soda Blaster. It works both as a soda blaster and a sandblaster in one supporting baking soda or sodium bicarbonate media for that spot blasting job. It is the original portable sandblaster design. Don't be fooled by the cheap knock-offs and imitations. For all sandblasting gun needs, trust LE LEMATEC.. The EB0252 by EWK although, is very competitive featuring 【 Accept Versatile Medias 】 EWK Gravity Feed Sandblasting gun works with almost any blasting media including silica sand, garnet, crushed glass, mineral sands, coal slag, glass bead, crushed walnut shell, baking soda, aluminum oxide and etc. Choose your media for the desired job! plus 【 Endless Applications 】 Portable sandblaster is designed to operate initially as a gravity-fed sandblaster which offers flexibility and perfect for spot sandblasting. Perfect for DIY, auto restoration, furniture refinishing and many more!.

Each of these two choices make a great decision for someone whose in the market for Small Sand Blasters
Ubiquitous Model-v-116 featured image

3. Ubiquitous Model-v-116 Sand Blaster

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Very pleased with the Ubiquitous Model-v-116. This could be one of the best tools I own. Cuts through sand and paint like butter. I should have bought this years ago. This is a great little Sand Blaster!

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4. EWK EB0252 Sand Blaster

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I bought this for my hobbies and business. Great Sand Blaster for the cost. All in all, it's a good value for the money. Seams well made for the price. Everything is air tight and I'm ready for blasting.

Honorable Mentions

If the Small Sand Blasters above don't cut it, we have a handful of additional selections that might better match your needs. We uncovered a plenty of terrific options on the market to pick from. With exhaustive research and assessments, the tools we reviewed earlier are our preferred Sand Blasters. That being said, these Sand Blasters listed below deliver several distinct features on top of the fact that they are each top ranked Small Sand Blasters.

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5. Ridgerock Tools Inc. 30042A Sand Blaster

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Inexpensive but works well for professional jobs. This product is fairly cheap but works fine. This Sand Blaster is totally complete. Does a great job for a minimal price. This Sand Blaster works great!

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6. ABN 8512 Sand Blaster

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This is a simple but flexible device. This Sand Blaster works great with the proper air pressure. Everything is air tight and I'm ready for blasting. This is a simple but flexible device. Finally a Sand Blaster that actually works.

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7. Evepoly Sand Blaster

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I've always wanted a tool like this! This product is fairly cheap but works fine. Everything is air tight and I'm ready for blasting. Quality build and quickly shipped. Finally a Sand Blaster that actually works.

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8. YHMY Sand Blaster

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Highly recommend for big and small projects. Does a great job for a minimal price. Cuts through sand and paint like butter. Blows through any media pretty quick. Good for small projects around the house.

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9. Boloniprod Sand Blaster

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Great little Sand Blaster at a good price. Great little Sand Blaster at a good price. Does a great job for a minimal price. This works way better than I could have thought. Seams well made for the price.

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10. DollaTek Sand Blaster

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This Sand Blaster was just what I needed. This Sand Blaster was just what I needed. They fit the air blaster nozzle well and no issues. This works well and has a durable tube. Great for small, quick jobs outdoors.