Top 6 Best 1-1/2 HP Motor Sanders

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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated 1-1/2 HP Motor Sanders Available Today
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2. Powermatic 1791291K Disc & Belt Sander

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Tonight the Idler Roller started making noise. 20 minutes to clean the packing grease off the tables. After returning the first one I received I got a decent sander. While the product was what I expected for the price. Belts are easy to come by, plenty of power.

The Jet 629004K was undoubtedly our favorite 1-1/2 HP Motor Sanders. Even so, there were several other very premium 1-1/2 HP Motor Sanders we wanted to showcase here that just barely missed the mark.

Next up is manufactured by Powermatic which is a very credible tool manufacturer. Powermatic's Disc & Belt Sanders are among their premier products. It was fantastic to check out the 1791291K. I was very happy using this tool!

The Powermatic 1791291K Disc & Belt Sander, at $1599.91 is an especially exceptional Sander for the money. The Powermatic 1791291K is really a solid option. Of you are uncertain about our top selection, I'd advise to select this Sander.

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Powermatic 1791291K Features

Heavy, cast-iron construction and fully enclosed stand minimize vibration

Powerful, 1-1/2HP motor can tackle any sanding task

12-inch balanced disc with table tilt

Multi-position belt head with indexing pin and head lock allows for tool-free belt position changes

Table for belt head tilts 0-45 degrees downward with miter gauge slot and is adjustable for various angles

In addition to the tools we covered already, I would definitely have a look at the Jet 708599K and the 708598 by Jet. Both Jet and Jet are famous for their high quality Sanders. both of these unique options received fantastic customer ratings as well. The 708599K boasts a user rating of 4.3/5 as compared to 4.7/5 star rating given to the Jet 708598.

The Jet 708599K provides some really premium features such as 1-1/2 hp, single-phase, 115/230-volt motor. The Jet 708598 although, is tough to beat featuring Belt operates horizontally, vertically, or at any angle in between plus Quick-change belt tension lever.

I can easily recommend either of these 1-1/2 HP Motor Sanders
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3. Jet 708599K Disc & Belt Sander

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Had bought a Jet belt sander a couple years ago. I don't use this for wood use, I use it to sand plastic. Overall, Im very pleased with the purchase. It's heavy and heavy duty and has plenty of power for me. It has given me solid performance, and I am glad I bought it.

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4. Jet 708598 Disc & Belt Sander

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Maybe this is normal for all machines, but it is a PITA. I havent had any issues whatsoever about the power of the Jet. That is not enough to firmly hold the table in place. I own a Jet, they are great. Machine speed is 1725 RPM and this works very well.

Honorable Mentions

If you are thinking that the 1-1/2 HP Motor Sanders above fail to meet your needs, we rated a few alternative choices that may fit you better. We identified several superb Sanders during our review. Using detailed study and testing, the choices we reviewed earlier were our preferred Sanders. However, the Sanders listed below offer several distinct characteristics and are each highly rated 1-1/2 HP Motor Sanders.

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5. Shop Fox W1712 Disc & Belt Sander

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Maybe this is normal for all machines, but it is a PITA. It fits perfect since the machines are identical. Everything I hated was now different and excellent. I liked the price and sturdiness of this product. This table too has no positive stops for 90 degree adjustment.

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6. Jet 708599 Disc & Belt Sander

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And it is very hard to stop the belt with a large wood block. Im still using it and works great I Love it. The dust port was slightly larger than my 2-1/4 inch adapter. It's heavy and heavy duty and has plenty of power for me. It has given me solid performance, and I am glad I bought it.