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What Real People Are Saying About The Makita BO3710

Another solid product in the Makita line

I've been using this thing almost non-stop after having purchased my (first!) new house. It was built in the 90's so I'm in the process exorcising all of the crappy 90's style choices in such homes (like ugly oak veneer everywhere). This model uses 3 strips per sandpaper sheet instead of 4 so be aware of that since it's a bit larger. As other reviewers had mentioned, the catch bags on these things only collect a small percentage of the dust that it kicks out. It's a neat idea in concept but in real-world use... it's a bit of a failure. I'm not going to ding the review because of that because I honestly didn't expect that "feature" to work after my research before purchase. I have other Makita tools (a drill set) and have nothing but praise for the quality of the product line. One very handy feature on this sander is the lock button so when you need to sand something for a good 5 or 10 minutes straight, it's less strain on the hand to not have to be holding a trigger the whole time. It also allows you to reposition your hands slightly for a better grip if you really want to bear down on a problematic section that needs a bit heavier grinding.

Top Quality Sander!!!

Well, first thing , I love , love this sander. I prefer to read three star and under reviews before I read the for and five star. I like to see if there is a pattern for the lower ratings and the time frame the ratings were posted. If a negative review is two + years past and then item starts showing better reviews , the manufacturer may have tried to correct the problem. Anyway, I found this sander to have plenty of power, was quiet ( as a sander can be), easy to use. Simply put, I would highly recommend it. I'm not big on using the dust bag but it seemed to do the job. Still had dust.... just not as much. The sander is a nice weight...not to heavy. I'm a female senior citizen so, for me, this was an important factor. Changing the paper was super easy. Has plenty of power... never bogged down. I am so happy I bought this little gem.

Another great finishing sander from Makita

I've used a Makita 1/4 sheet palm sander for about 30 years on uncounted projects--still working great, like new. Thought I would give this 1/3rd sheet sander a try. Every bit as good as the older one, and maybe a bit better. Still can operate with one hand, but two hands give more control. A little trickier to cut 1/3 sheet than 1/4 (the latter just requires folding in half, then half again) but can use the base of the sander as a template. Mine came with a plastic template to cut holes in the sandpaper for vacuuming of dust, but I accidentally discarded that along with the box to the burn pile, alas. There have been questions about whether this is an orbital sander--yes, folks, it is, it is an ORBITAL repeat ORBITAL sander.

Wow! A really pleasant experience with this sander. Works grat.

Needed to replace my trusty old B & D orbital sander, which died. No comparable replacement from B & D. I found this Makita on Amazon, and while Makita has a good reputation for quality, I have become suspicious of just about every power tool available today, as all seem to be made overseas. But for $50.00, I can't get hurt too bad. Plus, this sander is a 1/3 sheet sander, not the 1/4 sanders which are more prevalent today.
Well, the sander arrived today, and I immediately put it to use sanding some hardwood guitar necks I make. Red oak and teak are what I sanded today. Holy Cow! This Makita is so smooth, relatively quiet, and easy to handle while working. I can't recall a time my old sander was ever this smooth. It is a finishing sander (straight line motion), not an orbital, but the Makita worked easily to smooth out the wood I was working with, first with 60 grit, then 150 grit. Did a great job removing wood as needed, and as I said above, was easy to handle while using, so no "oversanding".
I don't know how long this unit will last, but out of the box it is a great tool, and I think a good value. Came with a dust collection pouch and a punch to make holes for your sandpaper to use the dust collection feature in the sander's base. I recommend this tool for those looking for a light - to -mid weight sander.

Best 1/3 Sheet Sander
  • GAP - February 24, 2012

I needed a sander to replace an old B&D that quit working 5 minutes into a large project. I wanted a 2 handed sander and they are hard to find, all the local stores sell palm sanders. This sander is great, much less vibration and noise than the old B&D, the paper is held on securely by heavy metal clamps (no way it's going to come loose) and the dust bag picks up about 70% of the dust. It removes excess wood filler quickly and effortlessly. It costs more but well worth it.


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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated 1/3 Sheet Sanders Available Today
WEN 6313 featured image

2. WEN 6313 Finishing Sander

  • (210 Ratings)

The truth is that the Makita BO3710 was the 1/3 Sheet Sanders that we rated at the top. That being said, there are a handful of other superb alternatives when it comes down to 1/3 Sheet Sanders. We have a breakdown of them here.

WEN is another top manufacturer of Sanders. They make the tool next up on our rundown. WEN's Finishing Sanders are among their leading offerings. I was excited to try out the model 6313 and I was not disappointed!

The model 6313 Finishing Sander by WEN, at $23.50 is an especially great Sander for the money. If you unsure about our top choice, I'd look into the WEN 6313 next. It's a high quality tool at a great price.

Full WEN 6313 Review

WEN 6313 Features

Features a 3-5/8 x 7-3/8 inch surface for sanding large faces

Powerful 1.2 amp motor provides 12,000 OPM

Lightweight design weighs in at a mere three pounds

Dust collection bag helps minimize loose sawdust

Velcro base pad allows for simple sandpaper removal and installation

The BLACK+DECKER 7448 A and the ZBD-KA300 by BLACK+DECKER are worthy of looking into also. Both tool manufacturers are well known for their top quality Sanders. Both tools are highly rated as well. The 7448 A received a score of 3.6/5 when contrasted against the 4.0/5 star rating received by the BLACK+DECKER ZBD-KA300.

The BLACK+DECKER 7448 A has a few features you wont get on competing Finishing Sanders. One example is Large sander ideal for sanding large areas. The BLACK+DECKER ZBD-KA300 although, is tough to beat with plus .

Both of these couple choices make an exceptional option if you're in the market for 1/3 Sheet Sanders

Honorable Mentions

If the 1/3 Sheet Sanders mentioned above fail to cut it, we have a handful of additional selections that might suit you better. It's a fact that there are a plenty of excellent tools on the market to pick from. The Sanders we rated above are the best we could find. That being said, these Sanders shown below deliver a number of unique features and are each top rated 1/3 Sheet Sanders.